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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sorry to be Missing lately..........

Sorry to have been Missing in Action....it is a busy time at home.  Orders to fill, PIF's and Pin keeps to work on...and most importantly...I've been planning and creating for the baby shower we are putting on this coming weekend for our next new grandbaby!

Our oldest son, Scott, and his wife, Stephanie, are expecting next month and this time we will be welcoming a little grand-daughter into our family.  Everyone is getting more excited and poor Steph is ready to POP!  I've been making an extra special surprise for her, but I cannot reveal pictures of it yet because she does occasionally check my blog.

Instead, I will  leave you with another adorable picture of sweet little Peter, our first grandbaby...what a wonderful time to have two new babies in the family!

Hope you are having a blessed week!


  1. I'm sure the surprise will be wonderful.How lucky are you a girl and a boy to spoil..smile..Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Wendy, those are the best reasons to be missing! enjoy!! and congrats!!! OLM

  3. Oh Wendy, what a precious picture, Peter is adorable. And now a granddaughter on the way as well, your happiness is about to double! Have a wonderful time at the shower and can't wait to see what you've designed for Stephanie <3 Deb

  4. How blessed to have one of each! Enjoy the time with family. Love the picture of little Peter. Being a grandmother is so much fun. Congrats. Blessings~Sara

  5. Fabulous reasons to be MIA, Wendy! LOVE that sweet little face...he needs more kisses!!!

  6. That is the sweetest picture, too cute!

  7. Oh my, to cute......love the picture, enjoy, Francine.

  8. little Peter is a cutie!!! denise

  9. Yep babies keep a grandma pretty busy. Enjoy Wendy.


  10. He is a cute little baby. Congrats Grandma. Blessings ! Lara

  11. Babies are such a blessing! Can't wait until after the shower to see the pictures! Peter is darling!
    Be blessed,

  12. Adorable..,,, but of course you know that!

    blessings to both the new little ones, we want to see pictures of her too when she arrives!

  13. All such wonderful reasons to be missing.
    Enjoy the time with your family ~ time just flies by way to fast.
    Peter is so adorable!!!
    Prim Blessings

  14. Little Peter is a cutie as I'm certain little grand-daughter will be when she arrives. Have fun creating for the shower!

    Jan ♥

  15. Grandchildren as the best!! They are God's gift to Grandparents! Have fun planning and it is ok to be "missing in action" for that. :)

  16. Oh my how handsome is your sweet Peter.
    And a precious Granny Girl on the way too.
    You are blessed.
    Woolie hugs and love


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