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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I have been pondering a dear friend's financial dilemma for a while now, and after some emails back and forth,  I am joining with Linda of Parker's Paradise 
in an attempt to help raise money for our wonderful and caring friend, Angie Stevens of Just a Lil Raggedy.

Angie has been experiencing a roller coaster of problems - personal, physical and financial.  She is having back surgery for the second time in two years.  Her car blew up last week and she is having to give up her home and move into a very small apartment soon after surgery.  Angie will not be able to work outside the home ever again.  It is still to be seen if she will even be able to sit at her sewing machine to create...the outcome of this surgery is unknown right now.  We are all hoping, praying and putting our faith in God to ease her pain and suffering.  
If you know Angie, you know she is a fighter!  She's a wonderful Mom to her sweet little Princess, a great creator and would help anyone in need without even being asked.  Right now, though, she needs OUR help!
Angie Stevens and her little Princess

What can you do?

(1) You can visit Linda's blog, browse her pages of sale items (she has 4 pages up so far) - buy something from her, even if you don't need it...perhaps buy it as a gift for someone...ALL money raised from Linda's sales will go DIRECTLY to Angie!
Follow the link above to get to Linda's site

(2)  You can also head on over to Angie's blog (see link above) or visit her Facebook Page to take a look at her downsizing sale.

(3)  You may send to me, via Paypal, a small donation, which will go into an account for Angie.  I will send her the monies collected every Friday via Paypal, so that she can access that cash asap!  If you comment below that you wish to make a donation, I will then contact you to give you my Paypal addy...for obvious reasons I do not wish to post it here.  

(4)  You may also like to pass the word about our fund-raising efforts.  Link up my post on your blog or Facebook page, so that others can be made aware of our efforts.

(5)  You may want to directly send Angie something....a gift card for groceries or other supplies, or simply a check, money order or cash.  If you wish to do this, please comment below, and I will contact you with Angie mailing address.

(6)  You may join  in the fun, as I auction off one of my creations....I will be posting about that auction tomorrow, so please check back then!

Please look into your heart and ask what you can do to help Angie....

Thank you!
May God bless you.


  1. Wendy, this is so sweet of you. I hope we can help Angie through these next months. I know it is a heavy weight on her mind and we all know she would be first to help us out if the tables were turned. Bless you for helping her out!

  2. Wendy,
    I bought something from Linda that will help
    Angie and her beautiful daughter, Kaylee.
    I am also going to send Angie a gift card.
    I love them both!
    Tricia XOXO

  3. This is very nice for you to do this for her. I will check out the blogs and see if there is anything I can do to help on this. :)

  4. Would you please send her snail mail address to me so I can send her something privately? My email is dilessig@gmail.com ...thank you for sharing. Dianntha

  5. O sweet Wendy ..words will never be able to express what my heart feels right now ..you my friend and all of the wonderful ladies and gents I have met here in blogland and online wil never truly know how much each of you impact positively the daily life of myself and the princess and how much you mean to us ...by sharing your day to day lives and stories with us , lending an ear , sharing a smile or a laugh with us and so much more . And this ...I am speechless...I THANK EACH OF YOU FROM THE VERY BOTTOM OF MY LIL RAGGEDY HEART !!! For no matter what this life throws at me ,takes from me, or challenges me with I am TRULY RICH & BLESSED for I call each of you my friends !<3 & ((hugs)) lil raggedy angie

    1. Beautifully said, Angie. You are such a kind and generous person. You fill our hearts with smiles.

  6. Hi Wendy, Bless you for this kind gesture. Tim and I have contributed a couple times, but I will shop some more with Linda and Angie. I wish Angie could gain disability and SS. She certainly qualifies for it.


  7. I'd like to help Angie. There but for the grace of God go I. My email address is:
    linda.welcome@gmail.com I'd like Angie's snail mail so I can send her some help.
    God Bless you for being her friend. Linda

  8. Yes this is really a sad situation. I have already bought something from Linda to help Angie. It is wonderful how bloggers are uniting to help Angie and her daughter.

  9. This is so wonderful of you and Linda to be helping our blogger friend in her time of need. If we all give just a little it will add up to be alot and help our dear sweet friend. Blogger friends are the best!!! hugs, Lecia

  10. I've been shopping at Linda's and I have been trying to access Angies sale stuff but have had no luck! I will watch for your auction.


  11. Wendy a most wonderful thing you are doing here for Angie! I am planning on doing something for her very soon and will mail it directly to her. hugs for such a wonderful thing you are doing here! OLM

  12. What a thoughtful gesture that you and Linda a doing for Angie. Please send me her address as I do know her and would like to send her something. Thanks, Janice

  13. I ordered some goodies from Linda. It's such a sweet thing you are doing....Linda too. :0)

  14. Wendy, bless your heart, you are a wonderful, wonderful woman. Send me your PayPal address so I can send a little something for Ang and Angie, we love you girl <3


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