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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The year in review

Good morning friends!

Yup...here I am....finally making a post worth reading (I hope).   Whew...has it been busy!  Like so many of you, we have had company off and on, been traveling to and fro...but today all is back to normal.  Mr. Whimzie has returned to work after a week off, the company is gone, and I'm left alone to pick up the mess!  LOL

I haven't had time to take down the decorations, even if I wanted to.  We like to keep Christmas in our hearts and home until at least this coming weekend.  I will gradually be putting them away, but the trees will stay for another week.  

This coming weekend we will celebrating the Baptism of our sweet new grandson, so I'll be making a big cake for that to have after church.  Peter is such a joy to us all and as cute as a button.  Proud Gran-mummy is going to share some pictures now...bear with me!

I've noticed that many of my blogging friends are sharing some of their favorite posts/pictures from the past year, so I'm going to jump in too and have some fun...as I look at the year in review....
Our new venture - chickens
Mr. Goat visits

Retreat at Notre Dame Retreat Center

Vacationing in Vermont

Treats from Kendra

A little patriotic fun with the chicks
All grown up
 Some of my creations

Thanksgiving centerpiece

Peter's baby quilt

Lovin' those farm fresh eggs

Baby shower cake

One of the many Santas I made this year
THE BEST thing that happened to our family!
Wishing you all a New Year full of love, happiness, health and many blessings!

Speaking of blessings, our dear friend Trace over at Granny Trace's will be starting the year off by sharing 100 days of Scripture...what better way to start this new year than reflecting on our Lord's word!

Have a great day!


  1. Your Grandson, Peter is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    What a bundle of JOY!

  2. Enjoyed the pictures Wendy! What sweet ones of the grand baby!

  3. Wendy I am so happy for you and your family. Please pass my congratulations on to your kids on the birds of such a beautiful little guy.

    blessings & bliss

  4. What a sweet baby, so adorable.....fun to see the pictures through out the year.......so many wonderful creations you made.......Blessings Francine.

  5. Your new grandson is so adorable!! Congratulations on being a new grandma ~ it is so rewarding!! I have two now, my newest one is a little over a month old. They are so sweet and such a blessing from God. I hope you enjoy him and are able to spend lots of time with him. They grow up so fast!
    Blessings to you and your family!

  6. Hi Wendy, your posts are always worth reading! Love the pictures of your little blessing Peter. Happy New Year to you and your family also!
    Be blessed,

  7. Oh Wendy, he is the cutest little guy! Hope you holidays were wonderful!

  8. What an amazing post!! You are blessed in so
    many ways. What an adorable grandson. Wishing
    you a great weekend celebrating.

  9. Peter is adorable,loved seeing the pics of him!Congrats on becoming a grandma.Wonderful to see your year in pics,so many fun things and awesome creations.Happy New Year!Hugs,Jen

  10. Morning Gran-Mummy!
    Oh what a beautiful boy.
    Congrats again to the whole Family.
    Love all your beautiful creations talented Chickie Pal.
    Woolie Love & JOY

  11. Peter is such a sweetie!!! Congratulations to you and the family!!!


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