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Monday, January 7, 2013

Spreading a Lil Love & Paying it Forward - Won't you join me?

Good afternoon all...

It seems I have the doldrums today....or perhaps it is just that I am tired after what has seemed like a whirlwind for most of the last two months.   Birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, decorating and baptism parties have taken their toll. Today I don't feel much like doing anything!  I made a resolution to lose weight, and that is going fairly well, although I just don't have the ambition to exercise today...won't beat myself up about that, just start again tomorrow.

From my blog hopping, I think there are many of you out there who are just worn out..needing time to recharge those batteries...if only it were 70 and sunny!   What better way to stop dragging myself down than to think of others, so, like many of you, I would  like to join in

Paying it Forward.

The idea is that the 

 first 5 people to comment on this post stating they would like to join in will receive something from me sometime this year.  I actually plan to get my goodies out to you fairly soon, so I don't forget!
I don't know what these goodies will be, except that they will be
a handmade creation or some other special item I think you will enjoy, and certainly something I would enjoy receiving if it were me...no junk here!  I love giving gifts.

There are three small rules to this offer.
Rule one is:
This is open to USA. Sorry, but shipping is crazy.
Rule two is:
The 5 people to request to be included must make the same offer on their blog and follow through with the giving.
Rule Three:
You must follow through with your end of the deal....it is always better to give than to receive!
Only those who specifically say in your comment that you "want to join in on the Pay it Forward" will be included on my list.

This is the season for spreading a little 


so why not join in!


  1. Hi Wendy, I want to be in your pay it forward please!!! I will post my pay it forward tomorrow because I already made a special post today!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  2. Hi Wendy I would like to join in your pay it forward. I only have one signed up on mine so come on over and sign up!
    Be blessed,

  3. I'd love to be part of your PIF Wendy! Is it OK if I wait and post on my blog once I get my gift from you? That's how I normally do it. Thanks so much! :0)

  4. Hey Wendy,
    I would love to do the Pay it Forward. I LOVE to give and I do it all year anyway but this would let me get my sewing machine out and do some things also by hand, and the Lord knows I NEED to KEEP BUSY!
    Just keep our youngest son in your prayers.
    I know you will.
    I will email you later.

    I will do a post on this today!!!!!
    I am going to write down the rules on my blog that you have too.
    It feels GREAT when something comes in the mail and it lifts someone up or just to puts a smile on their face and a smile in their heart.
    Please count me in!
    Hugs Friend,
    Tricia XO

  5. I would love to join i your PIF Wendy. That would be so wonderful after the blah year I have had. I will post this in a couple of days, on m way to the Doctor. It is s nice to receive somethingunexpected..

  6. I know I am number 6 but I had to tell you what a wonderful idea this is, thank you Wendy!



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