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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 10 - Victorian Chenille Ornaments

Welcome to Day 10
of my

Twelve Days of Christmas Celebration!

Today I am featuring a tutorial for chenille ornaments.  These are so quick and easy, and you can make many different  varieties, such as angels, santas, snowmen, and more...even animals, etc.  I had white chenille bump stems in my stash, so I used them to create an angel and a snowman.

Here's what you will need

*chenille bump pipe cleaners
in your choice of colors

*heavy embroidery thread
*vintage images
*miscellaneous trims, tulle, etc
*hot glue gun or tacky glue


Take two pipe cleaners and cut them in half.  You will be using three sections.
Bend two into a V shape, and then twist the middles together, as shown in the photographs below.

  Wrap the other one around your finger or a pen as shown and twist once or twice. I preferred the bigger head I got when I used my finger for this.   This is the head piece.  Clip the ends on the head piece, so it looks like the piece in the last photo on the left.
Now that you have completed your body pieces we will assemble the ornament. 
 It gets a little tricky here and confusing, but I will try to be as clear as possible. 
 Lay the head piece on top of the body piece, over the twisted section.
Now, take the ends of the head piece and pass them through the V in the legs and then up the back of the ornament, placing the ends up and over the 'shoulders' and on either side of the 'head', then back down the front.  See the photos below.
Twist and secure.
Cut out your vintage graphic head and glue to the top of the ornament.  
With needle and heavy embroidery floss, run the thread through the top of your ornament's head, and knot.
For the snowman ornament pictured below, I cut one extra 'bump' of chenille and wrapped it around his waist, to give him more bulk, and gave him a black 'belt' of fancy rick-rack.

For the angel, I gathered a piece of tulle around her waist, then adorned with trim.
You can be as creative as you wish now...using whatever embellishments you have around.
You can place a little item in their hands too.
I used a vintage graphic for each of my two ornaments.

I found that a vintage graphic head size of about 1 1/2 inches worked well.  The snowman head was a little larger.

A quick search on the internet for
Vintage angel graphics, vintage snowman graphics, vintage santa graphics...will give you many pictures to choose from.  You can also search for chenille ornaments, for lots of inspiration for your next creation!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
We have only two days left in the Celebration- wow - where has the time gone?!

See you tomorrow for another recipe or tutorial.
Until then....have a blessed day friends!


  1. What a creative Chickie Pal are you..
    So pretty!
    Woolie HUGS


  2. These ornies are sweet....thanks for the info. :0)

  3. How pretty!Thanks for the info.Hugs,Jen

  4. These are so Sweet! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Wendy-- that is the cutest ornament! Thanks for showing us how to make one. I'm behind on my blog reading, so I need to play catch up with your 12 days of Christmas posts.

  6. Wendy, I love tutorials, thank you for sharing, Wonderful! hugs, Lecia

  7. Wendy!
    I love the little angel! I have your 12 Days bookmarked in my internet browser so I can keep up with your ornaments. Alas, with doing report cards, I am a bit behind... SOOOO, you'll see me lurking around a bit. Hope your weekend is relaxing, friend!!!!



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