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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Mr. Whimzie and I in our favorite costumes!

 Sharing a little Halloween fun we had this past weekend!
Corn maze...which way should be go???

Drew & Maria carving pumpkins

Mr Whimzie, complete with his grand-pa glasses.
I'll take some pictures of our pumpkin masterpieces and post them tomorrow!

Have a Happy Halloween


  1. WHOA, Miss Wendy,

    Dat you? Yikes - Whoa.

    From Vlad - mighty fine lookin' woman, Wendy. Mighty fine......

    Happy Halloween
    Prudence & Vlad Vincent ♥ ♥

  2. Oh the fun!!! Love your costumes!
    Happy Halloween!!!
    Hope you have a spooktacular day!
    Prim Blessings

  3. hI wENDY...wow!!!!! you both look great.....scary indeed......Love the corn maze.....Blessings Francine.

  4. Corn mazes, pumpkins, costumes...yup, that's what I call Halloween at its funnest:-)

    Here's a little poem I'm sharing with everyone today...

    This is Halloween

    Goblins on the doorstep,
    Phantoms in the air,
    Owls on witches' gate posts,
    Giving stare for stare.

    Cats on flying broomsticks,
    Bats against the moon,
    Stirring round of fate-cakes,
    With a solemn spoon.

    Whirling apple parings,
    Figures draped in sheets,
    Dodging, disappearing,
    Up and down the streets.

    Jack-o'-lanterns grinning,
    Shadows on a screen,
    Shrieks and starts and laughter--
    This is Halloween!

    Happy Halloween to you and yours, dear Wendy:-) xo

  5. Hi Wendy,
    Love your costumes!!
    Corn maze looked fun.
    Enjoy your Halloween!!

  6. What Fun! I posted the swap you hosted yesterday if you get a chance stop by.Harvest Blessings!~Amy


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