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Monday, July 23, 2012

We finally got some RAIN! :-)

Call us crazy, but my daughter-in-law, Steph, nephew, Jake and I did a rain dance in the yard yesterday afternoon (of course we made sure noone was driving by - lol)  and it worked!  We got one storm a little after dinner time and another one at 5:30 this morning....both dropped lots of rain and put on a nice show of lightning and rumbles of thunder.   What a relief from the hot and dry weather we have been having.  Hoping for more storms today, but it's going to be a scorcer!

We had a nice weekend as well....nothing too terrible noteworthy.  Went to some sales with Drew Friday.  Calling hours for a friend's mother on Saturday am, then attended the festival in a nearby town with Drew & Maria...we mostly went to view the craft vendors.  Picked up a few bars of yummy smelling soaps and was tempted by one lady's prim booth, but didn't buy anything.  Came home and worked in the gardens afterwards.  Scott & Steph came over after a  picnic with her family.  Sunday we visited my Aunt in the nursing home and then headed on over to my parents and nabbed Jake for another visit.  We then returned home to all play Bocce ball, eat hot sausage and corn on the cob and enjoy the storms.  I was up at 4:30 this morning listening to the rumbling....checked the radar and figured I had better close windows.  By that time, Scott was up and we sat on the porch watching the storm come....nice time so early in the morning....spending time with my son.  They left this morning, with a plan to stop on the way home to pick blueberries.

I'm off to work on a couple of orders and some awesome new items for Fall!

Have a happy day all!  God Bless


  1. What a blessing rain is! So glad you got some (could you re-do your rain dance and post it on You Tube? Maybe I can copy it and do a little dance in my yard and get rain too!).

  2. Glad you got some rain Wendy, now if you could send some our way! Maybe I should try the rain dance?!

  3. Hello Wendy, oh so happy you had rain, the dance worked, tee hee. Love the picture of the little frog,to cute. Blessings Francin.

  4. So happy for rain!!!Have a wonderful week!

  5. Yeah I told ya rain dancing works!
    Can't wait to see your new Fall goods.
    Hugs Chickie Pal


  6. YAY for rain, I was doing the rain dance here again too.
    Glad you finally got some of the wet stuff!
    Enjoy your day Wendy,

  7. So glad to here you got some rain. We finaly got some last night, about 2 inches but we could use more.


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