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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top a' the Mornin' to ya all!

Happy St Patrick's Day!

We're wearing the green around this German & English household...partly for St Patty's Day, but also, because the boys and their wives are here and we're dressed in our camo and getting ready to go out in our woods to play Air Soft - aren't we great parents!?!?   Or are we crazy?  I haven't played before, but the kids bought us guns for Christmas, so it was inevitable.  It's a beautiful day here in Central New York and it's always a lot of fun when everyone comes to visit.  Hope I don't get shot too much....our oldest, Scott, has always had a propensity for hitting people in the head...whether it is with a ball, snowball, or what have you, and while he never means to do so, it always lands there.....so I am a bit afraid - I'll be needin' the luck a' the Irish this day!

Prim Blessings


  1. Be careful friend, don't "shoot your eye out". Sorry, I couldn't resist. Giggle.

    Have fun.


  2. Sounds like a fun and interesting day! Have fun and be safe!Hugs,Jen

  3. Wendy,

    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you. Too funny! I can see you lurking in the woods with your airsoft gun in hand stalking your boys! LOL! Hope you had fun.


  4. LOL Wendy, that sounds like it could be dangerous, but sounds an awful lot like fun too! Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day with your family, what more could you wish for? :O)


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