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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunny SonDay & Bunny Hop Swap News

Good morning ladies!

Hope you have been enjoying your weekend.  Last night we attended a pop luck dinner and presentation by none other than our son, Drew Montreuil.  He had been invited by a local town council to give a talk on his weather website, GrotonWeather.com.  This is the third such request he has had since he graduated with his BS in Meteorology last May...the other two were for schools...but this was the first time Mr. Whimzie and I have gotten to sit in. Although I must admit I am a bit biased, I was overwhelmed at what a wonderful job he did.  He did an hour long power point presentation and fielded questions from the audience...and did it all with a finesse and professionalism that I was amazed at.  But, if I think back to when he was little, in Kindergarten, he did a small presentation and looked so comfortable even then..at 5 years old.  I think he is a natural!  One proud mama here!

Mr. Whimzie left this morning for Florida, where he has a week of training.  Oh, how I wish I could have gone with him...the weather forecast for Orlando is sunny and warm.  I'm going to try to get a lot of projects done this week while he is gone...finishing painting the kitchen and may even tackle redoing one of the guest rooms too.  We'll see!  It is always easier to handle him being gone if I keep busy.

In other news, I wanted to let everyone who joined the Bunny Hop Swap know that I sent out emails this morning with your partner information.  If you did not receive an email, please let me know.  We had twenty ladies join in the fun and I hope every one has a great time!

One last thing...Please check out our family food blog, The Crow's Crusty Loaf...we're featuring great party foods for your Super Bowl Party next weekend.  You can use this link, or click on the link on the upper right sidebar.  Enjoy!


  1. Enjoy your alone time Wendy!!!!
    You definitely have every reason to be proud of Drew!!
    I cannot wait to get started on my swap, thank you for setting it up!

  2. Morning Wendy.. to bad you couldn't have gone to Fla and enjoyed some of that wonderful sunshine... but then again you will probably gets lots done around the house that would otherwise not get finished as Quickly..I always looked forward to an empty week to myself when I had kids and a husband under foot..I got so much done.. somehow it always left me a happier lady when everyone came home... giggle! A woamn does need her alone time!!

    That's cool yu got to go see your son do his presentation...I think ya got a good reason to be a proud mama!!

    Have a great day!!


  3. How exciting, I can understand why you would be proud! Good job Drew (I think I am remembering correctly who is the meteorologist, please forgive me if not)! I just thought about why the weather thing is on your side bar...probally per your son's influence?!

    Got my swap info, thank you!

  4. Congratulations to Drew on what sounds like a job very well done, you have reason to be a proud Mom! Too bad you couldn't make the trip to the sunny south but have fun creating and decorating. I got my swap info and touched base with Kendra, thanks Wendy for hosting the swap! Deb

  5. Congrats to your son for doing such a wonderful presentation!
    Now I'm headin over to check my email!

  6. Thanks for sharing, Wendy. Congrats to you son also. Happy weekend to you all :)


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