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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 12 - Twelve Days of Christmas Share-a-thon

I wanted to end my Twelve Days of Christmas is a special way today....no more crafts or tutorials...no more fattening goodies, but a simple 

Recipe for A Good Life
Day 12

Take a couple of whole months, clean them thoroughly of all Bitterness,
Rumors, Hate and Jealousy; in other words, make them as fresh and as clean as possible.
Now cut each month into 28, 30 or 31 different parts…
But don’t make up the whole batch at once..
Instead prepare it One Day At A Time.
Mix well each day:
One part of Faith,
One of Patience,
One of Courage,
One of Work,
Add one part each of:
Blend with:
One part Prayer,
One part Meditation
Good Deeds.
Season the whole with:
a dash of Good Spirit,
a sprinkle of Fun,
a pinch of Play
a cupful of Good Humor.
Pour all of this into a Vessel Of Love,
Cook thoroughly over Radiant Joy
Garnish with Smiles
serve with Quietness, Unselfishness and Cheerfulness

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Blessed New Year!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  I count each of you as blessings in my life....people I never would have know had it not been for my blog.  People who have enriched my life ten fold.  You have inspired me, comforted me, encouraged me and had fun with me...and for all of that, I am truly grateful! 

On Monday, I will be drawing the winner of my little 'secret' giveaway. I have been keeping track of everyone who has commented during the Share-a-thon, and your names will all go into the hat....Mr. Whimzie will pick a winner on Monday and the winner will receive one of my elves!  
Have a Wonderful Weekend!
**Christmas Blessings**


  1. i have enjoyed meeting through swaps,facebook and your blog. good luck with your 1st grandbaby in the coming year. grandkids are the best! Merry Christmas,Happy Holidays and Happy new Year to y
    ou and yours!!!Denise P.S. your little elf is darling!

  2. What a terrific recipe. I think it will take me a while to find all that stuff but I will def give it a try. Thanks for sharing and Christmas Blessings to you.

  3. Wendy, that is such a sweet "recipe". What a delightful way to look at life.


  4. Wendy,
    I've so enjoyed your 12 Days of Christmas. I plan to try your Buckeyes next week. Have a wonderful and Blessed Christmas.

  5. I love your post, how wonderful to share and pass around. I have enjoyed seeing what you have been up to! Your little elf is just the cutest thing! Merry Christmas!

  6. Morning Friend
    Now isnt that just the best recipe of all.
    CHristmas Blessings Trace

  7. Wendy, thanks for sharing so many wonderful things!!! Mr. Elf will make someone very happy! OLM

  8. Awesome recipe Wendy - and a perfect way to wind up your wonderful 12 days of sharing....I've enjoyed it so much. And while I may not have time for much this year, I've copies and saved for a head start next year....(And that little elf is so stinkin' cute....I defy anyone who sees him not to smile!) Hope you're having a great Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Hi Wendy,
    I've so enjoyed your 12 days of Christmas sharing your talent. A BIG THANK YOU and warm wishes to you.
    Merry Christmas.

  10. Hi Wendy, Hard to believe 12 days are up already!!! Thank you for sharing your recipes and tutorials. Your elf is darling. Have yourself a Merry Christmas.

  11. I looked forward to your posts everyday these past 12 days. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas and sweet treats. Whishing you the Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Blessings Linda

  12. Wendy it's hard to believe it's been 12 days already. I loved checking your blog each day to see what goodies you had posted for us. :0) I hope to try a lot of them but it will have to be after the holidays do to finishing up Christmas gifts before the big day. Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!

  13. Oh Wendy, this last recipe is definitely the best, thank you so much my friend for your generosity and caring, it is people like you who make this big old world a much better place. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and peace, joy and good health in the coming New Year. Thank you for being you and for your wonderful 12 Days Of Christmas Share-A-Thon, love ya! Deb

  14. Hi, Wendy. I enjoyed every day with you. Thank you so much, and the "recipe" is wonderful.
    The elf is so cute.


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