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Monday, November 14, 2011

While the Cats Away the Mice Will Play!

This time my post isn't about sneaky Smidgen...despite the 'cat' reference in the title. PS The turkey leg was found - he he

This past weekend Mr. Whimzie went away on his annual retreat at Notre Dame Retreat House...which would have meant I would be all alone in this big old house for two nights and three days...sooo...I conned the kids into coming on over, and picked up my nephew, Jake as well.   Now some of you may recall my previous posts about Jake, and how he loves to make something creative when he comes here.  This time he wanted to learn how to do a simply stitchery...so we went through my patterns and he chose one.  I had him trace the design onto muslin, then showed him just a couple stitches and he was off!  Lookie what he completed all my himself....and he free-handed his name below the kitty.  We ran out of time, but he's planning make this into a pillow for his bed.

Once our boys were all here by Saturday morning, we took off on a day long adventure in 'pickin'.  I found some wonderful goodies that I would like to share with you.  What a fun day we had.  After antiquing, we went to Mass, then out to dinner.  We came home and played games and headed to bed around 1 am.  Sunday morning I made them all my yummy Apple Cinnamon Waffles (recipe can be found on our food blog, The Crow's Crusty Loaf). 
Vintage sled - it has nice graphics on it that are hard to see in this picture...and an adorable wooden Santa..not vintage but I thought he would look good on the front porch.

The treasure I am most excited about - this wonderful vintage baby carriage - it also has a nice stenciled design on the side which the picture doesn't pick up well.  I put a couple items in it, but can't wait to fill it with Santas & Snowmen.

Simple Folk Art sign I got for $4

I added another rolling pin to my collection-the red one in the front.
Hope you all have a wonderful week.  I have to get busy now with orders and finishing up a couple swaps I am in. 


  1. So many great finds! And what a great time you had with the youngins.

    I am still kicking myself for not getting the $5 wood sled I found at a thrift store a few weeks ago. We'll be heading back to that thrift store this weekend, but I doubt it will still be there.

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Just loved your post today and Jake is quite the stitcher!

  3. Oh you found some great new things!!! Love the sled!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Jake did a wonderful job on his stitchery!!!
    I love to teach my Granddaughter how to stitch too ~ Her first project she put her name on it and made it into a pillow too!
    Love all the goodies you found, I especially love the baby carriage.
    Have a great day!
    Prim Blessings

  5. Sounds like a fun time with the "kids". I hope my boys will be up for that when they are grown!
    Great finds, congrats!

  6. Oh, what a sweet stitchery Jake made! And you were so lucky with your beautiful treasures!
    I really enjoy your blog-Thanks!

  7. Great thrift finds! I can't wait until my grandkids can do more "normal" crafting instead of the terrible mess that they make right now. The oldest is old enough, just not calm enough! lol.

    Love, love, LOVE that baby carriage!



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