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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time is flying by.....

Good morning all - Hope you had a great Father's Day weekend.  We spent most of it traveling around to visit.  On Saturday we headed to my parents, but first visited the Amish Market, then my aunt in the nursing home, then on to Mom & Dad's for an early Father's Day celebration with him.  We had a lovely, but busy day.  Sunday after church we headed over to son, Scott's for the day.  The doggies played and we visited...it was a lazy day.  We also celebrated Scott's birthday...it's hard to believe he turned 26th - ouch...makes me feel so old.

We have been busy getting ready for Drew's wedding in Minnesota too....which is now only 11 days away.  Not only has this month flown by, but so have the 22 years since he was born.  I think in some ways it was easier when Scott got married, because Drew was still around, but now that those days are quickly slipping away, I find myself wanting to hold on tight to each minute.  Both our boys have made us proud and we are so happy with the choices they have made in life so far...but it is never easy to cut those 'apron strings' and let them go off on their own...I'm sure you Moms out there now exactly what I am feeling.  So, we'll just try to cram as much togetherness with him as possible in the next few days and send him and Maria off with lots of hugs and kisses and they begin their new life together.

The boys when they were little-Drew & Scott

It is definitely a summer of change in our lives.   We drove by the 'new' house on Saturday and saw that the survey had been done, so things are moving along now.  The seller just needs to empty the house and the lawyers need to do their stuff, then we should be ready to close in the next few weeks.

The boys now, Scott & Drew

I'm trying to finish up some orders and get a few new items made before we leave next week for the wedding.  The PAFA team is having a Christmas in July celebration next month, so I want to get a few new items put together to list on Etsy for that before we leave.  Guess I've rambled on enough for today...sorry for being a sentimental mom...hope you all have a lovely week!  Don't forget to check back here on Thursday for the Tip of the Week.  I'm also going to try to get a new, yummy recipe posted as well.  Blessings to you all!


  1. Wendy,

    Time sure does fly by for us moms! Congrats on the new daughter. Through marriage will be the only way that I ever have one too...all boys here. Hope you enjoy the wedding and that the weather cooperates to make the day special for the bride and groom.

    Take care,


  2. Wendy bless you it is so hard to cut the apron strings !Just thinking about it gives me chills.My only child is 23 .Your boys were adorable as children and they have turned into handsome young men.Best of luck to them both and may the Lord bring comfort to you in this time of change. Have a great week,Jen

  3. Although inevitable, and usually a precursor to even better things, change is never easy, is it? My heart feels for you....I only have one son and he still lives at home. Sometimes when he's away on the weekends, I can sense what it might be like when he will leave us for good - and it just seems so lonely!! Your sons were adorable as little boys - and are mighty fine-looking all grown up!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Morning Wendy! I only have 1 daughter and she lives on her own but still close, which I am so thankful for. Congrats to your son and soon to be daughter in law.. Hope you all have a wonderful time at the wedding. Hugs, Tina

  5. congrats on the new daughter in law. Hope you all have a wonderful time at the wedding.

  6. Oh Wendy!! I do know how you feel. I miss my kids being little. My son comes home on weekends. But I sure miss him during the week.
    But I do have my granny kids.
    Hugs to you friend!


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