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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who's up for a Swap?

SympleTymes design
Good morning friends!   The sun is trying to peek out today after about 3 inches of snow yesterday...yippee!  First off I wanted to thank you all for your kind comments about Drew's great news...they mean a lot!
Now...on to the Swap News!

I  have developed a great interest in Pin Keeps and I thought it might be fun to have a pin keep swap!  I'm talking about the really cute ones that sit up on a pedestal of some kind, not the flat square ones, although they are lovely too.   I've seen so many neat ones through my blog hopping....for example:
Past Design from SoftintheHead
Country Threads online shop
Crafty Avenue design 
I think they are so adorable!  Be sure to visit these wonderful designers!   So girls, if you are up for another swap,  please read the rules below and sign up on THIS post only please.

Rules for the Pin Keep Swap:

1.  You must be a follower of my blog.  New followers are always welcome.  This is required so that you can keep up to date on my postings regarding the swap.

2.  You must be committed to following through with the swap.  Noone likes to get short-changed in a swap.

3.  Sign ups will end on good-ole Tax Day - April 15th.   I will then match up and get your partners name to you the next day.

4.  You must send me an email with your name and full mailing address upon signing up.  I'm much too busy to go chasing around getting addresses, so please remember to do this.

5.  All pin keeps must be designed on a pedestal of some kind, candlestick or small box, etc....you get the idea.

6.  All pin keeps are due in the mail NO LATER than May 15th.  Since the swap is for only one pin keep, that seems like a reasonable time.

So girls, if you are game, sign up below and we'll get this Swap started.  
Have a wonderful day!

If you post this on your blog, please use the button below!
PLEASE REMEMBER TO SEND YOUR ADDRESS TO ME immediately after signing up.  I have already had 2 people sign up and not send their information.  Thanks so much!


  1. YAY! More fun stuff happening at Wendy's! LOL!
    Please count me in! ~*~Lisa

  2. I am up for it. I have been wanting to do a pin keep for awhile now but haven't had the chance since I've been working on doll orders but now I have a good excuse. So count me in. I'm off to send you my info.

  3. Me, me, me - I am in. I have several of the patterns you have shown. I love pin keeps also!!

  4. Count me in. I love pin keeps. What a fun swap this will be. I will email you my addy now. I am already a follower. This is going to be fun.

  5. I would love to participate ... what a neat swap Idea!!!!!

  6. I'm right there with you on this one. It sounds fun.

    Pinkeeps is one of those items that you just want to keep collecting. Nice idea Wendy.


  7. Count me in! I love pinkeeps. Linda, thepinkeep.blogspot.com

  8. Sign me up too. I love all kinds of pinkeeps to display in my sewing room.
    Country at heart

  9. Hi Wendy,
    do you know if there ia a pattern for the crow/Halloween pinkeep you have pictured above. That one I absolutely love. I will join if A can think of something awesome to make. maybe make my own pattern.

  10. I'm in.I love pinkeeps! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  11. You can count me in...and I am hoping to ship your "give away" win from me on Monday...I was going to post them, but think I will wait and let it be a surprise to you all.....I have several of the patterns you are showing on the Etsy site....and made the Husdon Holiday Witch one for my home show (6 of them) last fall...they all sold...anywho...will send my info

  12. Hi Wendy! Sign me up! Would love to recieve a sweet pin keep of my own!

  13. I want to join in the pinkeeps but my pinkeeps aren't like waht you are asking for(SAD)!!!!
    The ones you should us gals are AWESOME, I can make a great pinkeep but nothing like that, so I think I am out of this pinkeep swap(SAD)!!!!!

    Maybe next time my friend.
    Tricia XOXOX!!!!!

  14. Hi Wendy,
    I'd love to sign up for this swap. Pin Keeps have been a passion of mine for a long time.
    Please count me in..Always on time for swaps.
    Kathie Meyers
    POB 311 ,Walton NY 13856

  15. Hi, I am a new follower of your blog an would love to be apart of your pin keep swap! I just love pin keeps, and love decorating with them. There just the perfect size to tuck anywhere to complete that prim perfect look. Heading over to your email to sign up for before I go I welcome you to stop over for a vist of my blog whenever you have a chance http://Marmmiesmammysandmore.blogspot.com

  16. Hi Wendy. Sign me up for the Pin Keep Swap. I will send you my maikling adress in a minute :)

  17. I'm very excited about this swap. Sign me up as well! Thanks Wendy!

  18. I don't think I'm too late? I would love to join in on your pinkeep swap! I'll send my info to you right away.

  19. Okay.... I am gonna do it... Have so much due around the same time but I think I can! :)

    Will send you my info.
    Debbie K

  20. This sounds like such a fun swap. I have come to love pinkeeps. Please sign me up for your swap, Valerie

  21. HI! I would love to participate in your pin keep swap. I am a follower and I will send you an email with all of my contact info. I am so excited! I loooove swaps. :):):)

  22. Wendy~

    I would love to do this!! Just sent you my info.



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