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Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday indeed

Good afternoon my lovely blogging friends!

Today is Friday and I'm so happy about that!  Another week's work done and lots of progress made on sales and new items.  I also was lucky enough to get my package from Cyndy at Crafty Stitchers!  I won her giveaway and my little Annie is so adorable.  The workmanship on her is top-notch and I just love her Cyndy.  Thanks so much!

I have also made some progress on all the bodies and heads laying around here!  I listed Lacey Lemon, Sarah-Jane Strawberry and a black & white bunny on my Etsy sites.  I am still working on another lemon doll and a couple of patriotic items.  I've got great ideas for the last two but haven't been able to get anything but the bodies done yet.  I'm not really pleased with the way the strawberry doll's face came out...I may have to pull her off Etsy and try to fix her...but not sure what to do (ideas anyone?)  I do love Lacey Lemon though...she's so adorable.

Finally, I am happy because today is the day our Drew comes back from visiting his fiancee, Maria, in Minnesota.  He's been on Spring Break from college, and we can't wait to see him back home again!  Please pray his flights are safe.

I'm off to the mall now to take my 40% off coupon to AC Moore and pick up another glue gun.  Mine is still working but this week it literally fell apart and I've got it wired together, which isn't holding very well...then it's to the airport to pick up Drew.

Have a wonderful weekend all!  Warm blessings!


  1. Wendy,

    Congrats on winning the little raggedy...she is too cute. The strawberry doll....maybe bigger eyes? and more pronounced facial features.

    Hope you enjoy your son's spring break. It's beautiful here today so I think I'm heading outside to work in the flower beds and straighten up the yard some.

    Have a great day.


  2. congrats on your win she is adorable. not sure about the doll she is cute though.

  3. Hi Wendy, Congrats on winning the doll. Wish I would have won her....she's a cutie!!!
    What about putting the eyes further apart and making the mouth dip with the lower narrow part of the strawberry????

    Have a nice weekend.


  4. Great new items. I am happy your sales are good, mine have taken a huge slump. Love the strawberry girl. Be good at AC Moore - that store is dangerous for me.

  5. Hi, glad you little dollie arrived safely, I hope you enjoy her.


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