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Friday, February 25, 2011

The joys of being an Aunt....

Hello dear blogging friends!

It's a far cry from last Friday, when it was warm and nearly 60...because today we are having yet another snow storm.  We've already gotten close to 10 inches and it is still coming down. 

I've been spending this week being "Aunt Wendy" to my nephew, Jake.  He's been coming to our home on his school breaks since he was a little tyke (he's now 12).   We've been playing games, making cookies and yesterday we started a couple of sewing projects.  First Jake wanted to make his kitties each a bed, so I let him choose the fabric he wanted from my stash.  He used a large pizza pan for a pattern and did all the tracing, pinning, cutting, sewing and stuffing.  When he was done with the cat beds, he decided he was having too much fun and wanted to make an animal.  So I did a search online for free animal patterns and found a whole slew of them.  He chose a cat, and happily did most of the work on that too.  I helped him along with some of the tough parts, but he did most of it.  Here is a couple of pictures of Jake with his creations. 

Jake will be leaving on Sunday, and it's always so quiet when he goes home.  We're hoping to take him to an indoor mini-golf tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wendy,

    Looks like Jake is very proud of himself and what he made. It's nice to teach a boy how to sew...then he can mend his own clothes. Enjoy your min golf outing.


  2. How fun, it is nice to see kids making things and their proud faces afterwards. He will cherish these moments with you forever!

  3. I think it's great that you get to do that. I have fond memories of spending time with my Aunt on occasions like that. Enjoy your weekend.


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