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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Will the snow ever stop??

 Seems like it has been snowing for over a week now...at least a couple of inches every day.  While shoveling the driveway and feeding the birds, I snapped a few pictures of the newest 6 inches or so.

Jack LOVES the snow-his smile says it all

Son, Drew helping to clear the driveway


  1. Oh Wendy Sweetie...
    How beautiful is this share. A winter white wonderland. Yes, I would say the smiles on both Drew and Jack say it all. They are having a great time.

    None of that stuff here in the desert, just a beautiful upper 60 degrees with sunshine. I love this time of year, and it is definitely one of the things that keep me here. I wish I could bottle some up and send you a little.

    Have a glorious evening sweet one. SPRING is just around the corner.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Wow that is a lot of snow, nice of Drew and Jack :) to help out!!

  3. The landscape surrounding you, is gorgeous! Love the snowy covered trees!!
    And your son is a handsome young man.. He looks like he enjoys the snow :)


  4. Hi Wendy, looks beautiful!! But I must say I'm glad I'm not having to shovel.8-)

  5. Diane-Yes, Drew enjoys the snow...he's a senior meteorology student at SUNY Oswego here in NY. He loves ANY weather!

  6. Looks like the boys are having fun. I love Jack's snow suit!

  7. Girl it is just simply Beautiful! Love the big old pines with all the snow!
    Jack is such a cutie with his little sweater & look at his paw prints on the cement you can see he was really helping Drew!
    enjoy the day

  8. The Snow Pictures do look lovely but to be honest....I think we all had enough now. Here in the UK, in December we had more Snow than I can remember and that went on forever it seemed and the Trouble is we will probably get more. Time for Spring I think


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