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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Query and A Note

   Hello my blogging friends - After I posted Maxim, I got to thinking about a couple of other things I wanted to share.  
   To start off with, I wanted to let you all know that Amazon has Morning Glory fiberfill 5# box for $14.99 with FREE shipping....now I know the price isn't as good as what we used to get at Walmart (BOO on you Walmart for not carrying our fiberfill anymore) but the free shipping sure helps!
   This next item has been bothering me for some time, and I figured that nowhere on earth could I find such a large group of wonderful and helpful ladies...than in our Land of Blog.....My query for all of you girls is pretty serious indeed!!!   Have any of you found a mascara that is truly waterproof???  See I told you it was very important!  I used to use Covergirl Marathon Mascara, but they have discontinued it (another BOO for Covergirl) and I am very tired of wasting my money on so-called waterproof brands, only to find out they really aren't any better than non-waterproof kinds.  My youngest son's wedding is coming up in July and I don't want to leave the church looking like a raccoon!  Thanks for your help ladies.
   Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Wendy, I use Beauticontrol waterproof and it is waterproof. You have to buy it online or through a rep but just do a google and you should find someone easy enough. I have used it for years, my eyes are sensitive to mascara and this one has never been a problem for me. And when I cry it stays on.8-)

  2. Blog Land is the best .. thanks Lorna
    for sharing abou the mascare...:-) your
    a sweetie....

    Everyone have a Prim evening !!

  3. Great price on the stuffing. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Hi Wendy. My eyes are sensitive, too, and that's why I like the Almay products. Their Intense i-Color is hypo-allergenic & is available in waterproof. Congratulations on the son's wedding :)


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