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Friday, January 21, 2011

A little help from my friends

Just a quick question....below each of my posts near the comment section, I have three tiny boxes that you can check indicating your interest in the particular post.  I set this up when I first set up blogger, but I cannot find where to chance that setting - I've looked EVERYWHERE!  That particular feature is not used much at all by my followers and I'd like to eliminate it if possible...anyone out there know how to change it?  I appreciate you help so much!


  1. Hi Wendy, I think you might mean this.
    Click on the design tab, then your looking at the blog layout page, go to blog posts box and click on edit. This should open up a box titled configure blog posts, go down the list and click or don't click in the little boxes to choose what you want showing. I hope that helps. best wishes Julie.C

  2. Wendy, I run across this by accident when trying to figure out things for my blog. Click on design, then click on edit in the corner of blog posts, Configure Blog Posts should pop up and if you look down aways you will see reactions. Do you have that checked off? If so, can't you click on it to take it off? Hope that works. Let me know.
    Becky from Ginger Creme Hollow

  3. I never noticed the boxes before. But I am also not inclined to rate something, that's just how I am. :) I'd rather leave a comment on something I like. (I'm trying to be a better reader and leave comments... instead of being the lurker I tend to be.)

  4. I found it. In your Dashboard, under Design. Then click Edit in the Blog Posts box. Then uncheck the box.


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