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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January doldrums...

Happy Tuesday everyone - Sorry I have been somewhat MIA lately.  It's a combination of still having company (and all the cooking and cleaning and entertaining that goes with that) and a  real lack of enthusiasm for making anything.  Despite my best efforts at Christmas time, my sales were generally minimal and as you can all attest...it's no fun to put a lot of effort into things and not sell them.  So I am taking a bit of a break to refresh, reflect and reassess.  Things have just been so busy, that I  have many of my Christmas decorations still up - ugh....while many of you are working on and decorated up for Valentine's Day already.

I am unable to figure out what is going on with some of the comments people have made on my blog....they are just not showing up for moderation at all...and I am wondering how many of you have commented and then been perplexed because your comment doesn't show up.  I've checked and doubled checked all my settings...and am at a loss as to what to do next.  I've already reported the issue to Blogger.

In more upbeat news, we are enjoying having our future daughter-in-law here for a visit.  This past weekend we finally had an opportunity to get together with two sets of friends for our "Christmas" get together.  We had a nice breakfast out with one couple, then the following evening, we had a lovely dinner and lots of conversation with another couple.  The holidays are so busy, neither of us had an a chance to see each other since the beginning of December.    This Saturday, we will be celebrating the wedding of my niece, Kristen and her wonderful man, Dan....they are such a cute couple!  Hope to get some good pictures to post next week.

Guess I should get back to cleaning and putting away decorations, doing laundry and all that exciting stuff!  Hope you are all having a great week.

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  1. I know where your coming from with the blues and minimal sales don't help any. But you know sometimes just letting things go and doing what you want to oppose to what you should do helps to recharge those rundown Batteries


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