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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Have you....

Checked out the Recipe of the Day?  Hope you are enjoying this feature.  Has anyone tried a recipe yet?


  1. Wendy, I just checked out the recipe for the day and I am in heaven, my jaws are watering.
    Can you believe, that I have been a Baker and Cake decorator for 18 years and have never made candy or used a candy thermometer for that matter.. Hmmm.. I think it's time I tried :)
    I also looked at the yummy Brunswick stew, that'll warm yer gizzard..on your recipe page, MMMM-M I'll have to warm my hubby's gizzard with that recipe!

    Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Yummy recipe! Love the vintage kitty postcard!

  3. so ymmmy recipe's thanks for


  4. The hot dog crescent recipe you have posted today brought back memories. It was always my daughters' favorite on the holiday buffet when they were little kids. I haven't made them in years. I'm having them over for a tree decorating party on Sunday, and I'm going to make a batch of them. Won't they be surprised! Thanks!


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