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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday thoughts....

     It's a lovely day here in central NY, albeit a bit cool.  Just came in from mowing up more leaves.  I would like to say I'm done, but the ole Oak in the back still has some leaves, so I'll probably have to do it once more before winter.
     I wanted to come back in to work on a little painted sign, but my hands seem too shaky right now, from the mower's vibration I guess, so I thought I would jot a few lines and post a few pictures.  Hope you are all having a great day.
This is a stitchery from Create & Decorate Magazine, that I just completed.  Found the frame at the Thrift Store, for 50c and it fits perfectly.  I just need to get it mounted.

A tall snowman that I've been working on.

Little sign I had an order for - FINALLY sold something!  Hope to get it done tonight and mailed out tomorrow.

This cutie I purchased from  Jenn over at Yankee Ridge Primitives.  She was having a close out sale on a lot of her stuff and I got him at a great price.  He's sitting in a little cubby chair that I picked up at goodwill for $4...still need to paint it up, but I thought it fit him perfectly.  I know that Halloween is over, but he's too cute to put away just yet.
Last but not least, we finally got around to getting a full size bed for our youngest son's room.  He's nearly 6 foot tall and even though he said he was fine, I hated to let another day go by with him sleeping in the small twin that had been in his room.  I had been keeping my eye open for an antique metal frame for some time, but never could find one that was in decent shape.  When I saw this at the furniture store, I just had to have it!  So we got a wonderful mattress and the bed frame too.  It's so comfy I have been tempted to sleep on it!  


  1. Nice!
    I really like the snowman & the stitchery!
    The bed is so pretty!

    enjoy your day,

  2. that bed is so nice. I would have a hard time putting it anywhere but my room! lol
    love the stitching......I'll never buy a new frame again.

  3. Snowman is really cute, and also the Christmas
    Stitchery Tree in the C & D Magazine thought
    added to one of my projects...
    The New is very nice too !!

    Have Enjoyable day...

  4. I love that snowman. And congrats on a sale!! And too many more! And that tree stitchery is just awesome. I love it!

    Have a great day


  5. I forgot to add that I am so happy you dropped by my blog today. And I just may take you up on your offer for some wool. But I don't need it quite yet at the moment. But thanks for the offer. It is so kind of you! :)


  6. You are one busy gal. I am happy you got a sale - hopefully the first of many to come!
    Call me ADD but I couldnt help but notice the little crow over your gveaway links while I was typing this- it cracked me up - I don't think I notice him before.

  7. Hey Jenn - Thanks for noticing the silly crow! I thought it was the perfect place for him....looking down on all the giveaway links...he is just a little touch of Whimzie! lol

  8. Hi Wendy, love that stitchery!! I like the one you are about to do as well. And the bed is beautiful!!

  9. I love your snowman, he's to cute! Congrats on your sale, I'm sure it's the first of many. You gotta love those Create & Decorate mags, I made some of the pinwheel ornaments with homespun fabric, I love the way they turned out. The bed looks nice and comfy.


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