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Thursday, November 4, 2010

     Hello again bloggin' buddies!  Happy Thursday!  It's a rainy and cool day here...my personal weather forecaster (my son - senior meteorology major) says we can expect very cold temps this weekend and lake effect snow - brrr....I' just not ready for this yet!  Good news is, he says that next week will be in the 60s and nice.  I'm thankful for that, because we need to have one more round of leaf collecting and I need to cover all my plants that the deer love to chew on in the winter.
    This week both my vacuum and washing machine are on the blink.  The vac just needs a new belt, which is on it's way....the washer...well...it is 18 years old and rusting on the inside rim.  The cycle stops whenever it feels like it, and I am constantly having to restart.  DH figures it is the timer....a new one will cost around $120!  Based on the age and condition of the set, we have decided to purchase new ones!  I'm so excited.  Found some at Lowe's that I loved...the new energy efficient, front-loaders.  We are going to go tomorrow night to price some at Sears, Home Depot and a local store...then decide.  Anyone got suggestions on what kind to buy???
     In other news, I think I have found another show (maybe 2) to do soon.  Waiting to hear back from the lady in charge.  I've been somewhat down about not being able to sell much online, and I know how great the shows are, so I'm hoping this will work for me. * Fingers crossed*
Have a blessed day all!


  1. Oh cool! New washer and dryer! Those will be nice gifts from Santa:) Keep the faith for your onlne sales gal. I think most gals are slow because of the economy.
    We're supposed to get snow here(SE Ohio) too... brrr.

  2. I am so happy you found another show! Do not buy a Whirpool Cabrio, we bought it about 3 1/2 years ago and have had problems with it about two years after buying it -everyone who owns one does and they will not recall them or help out. You have to restart it about fifteen times per wash. Good luck, there are so many nice ones to choose from these days!! It is cool and rainy here also!!

  3. Stay warm Wendy! We have a Kenmore (Sears brand here in Canada) front load washer and I love it! Hardly uses any water or soap, low energy use, the clothes are practically dry when you take them out, I'd recommend it highly if you can get it in the States. Good luck with your shows and I hope you make lots of sales! Deb


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