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Monday, March 23, 2020


Well, it is Monday....snowy, windy and cold.  After working outside all day on Friday, it is, of course, not a welcome sight.  But, time flies by and before we know it, Spring will really be here.  I snapped a couple photos of the early flowers, and counted at least a half dozen frogs sunning themselves on the rocks around our garden pond.

We spent a busy but lonely weekend....no Sunday family get -togethers, as we are so accustomed to.  But, we are warm, have food enough to eat and fresh water to drink.  Although it can get a bit lonely not seeing the kids and grandchildren, I think the Mister and I are settling in.  He is working from home.  I took time yesterday to move a few things around in our parlor, so he could set up his 'desk' better than his thrown together effort last week.

It has been three months now since my commitment to blog more, and I am quite sad about the lack of visits and comments....not even a single person joined in my pin keep swap, so I will have to cancel that.  I cannot force people to return to blogging, but I did have high hopes.  It seems Facebook has taken over....too bad really.  I will continue to post from time to time, with my daily life moments, special interest items and recipes.  Hopefully someone out there will find the posts helpful.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.  Please do practice strict distancing, so that the we get back to our normal lives sooner.


  1. I would rather have wind and snow as opposed to hear and pollen. Every thing is yello and dry.No rain in sight

  2. I feel the same...just will keep on blogging anyway! It is still fun for me!

  3. Hi Wendy,

    Your pictures are beautiful! I posted a few pictures of my potted flowers on our front porch yesterday on FB & IG. Just wanted to put some eye candy out there. Frogs sunning on rocks by your pond made me smile.
    I too have my husband home working. Gives me a taste of how it will be when he does retire in a year or so. I love it! Our three dogs love it too.
    I'm with you missing my kids and grandchildren. I was uplifted a bit yesterday when the President spoke. We can't stop the world from moving.
    I think we must find Joy. It is all around us. Even in the little frogs sunning on the rocks.
    I'm here. I'm sure there are others too. I'm enJOYing your blog. I saw the pin keep exchange and felt I could not make anything as beautiful as the ones I saw. Did see the JOY in their beauty and the thought of people coming together to make something beautiful to share.
    Thank you.
    And a big (((HUG))),
    Debbie Johnson
    Torrance, California

  4. Hi Wendy, I am here reading and enjoying your posts. I would love to have joined your pin keep swap but I am not on Facebook and I don not have a blog. They look like so much fun. I hope you stay well and keep posting.

  5. Oh my Wendy, just typed in a nice comment on your blog and somehow I have deleted by mistake! Anyway, I understand your frustration regarding drop in comments with our blogging friends. I don't blog as much as I have in the past..Facebook is faster and when I do update my blog I also post on Facebook to share a link to my blog ...for them to click on the link and take them to my blog. Are you on Facebook?

    I'm sure some of your blog friends look at your Blog but not comment.

    Hope all is well with you and your family and keep on posting I will to as much as I can when have alittle time to post pictures and share my projects. Lastly take care, and hope we see signs of " spring" soon ❤❤!!

  6. It seems so many disappointments...in so many forms...and in so many places. Yes, we are expecting snow here too...not much sticking, hopefully, but we still have snow on the ground so certainly no spring blooms or frogs. As for lonely...well, I spend so much time alone that it really isn't really anything new...and we are so rural, it is hard to notice much change in traffic, etc. And, yes, disappointing about the blogging....I thought I would see a few prodigals return during this period of confinement, but I guess not. And sorry about your swap...as I said, I would have signed on, but it was too short of a turn around for me. I hope you don't give up my friend. Smiles and Distant Hugs ~ Robin


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