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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

The days are growing shorter.
The leaves have been gorgeous this Fall, despite our drought.
But the cold winds of Winter are not far behind...
they have stripped many of the trees of their glory, but
the smell of newly fallen leaves is everywhere.

October has been very hectic for us.
Our renovation project that has been carrying on the past year is nearing an end.
With furniture spread across the house, we had contractors in to work on the new ceiling.  
The dust has settled and been cleaned, and it was onto our flooring.
Husband and I worked hard to complete it, now onto moldings and all the finishing touches.

It's been a huge transformation and well worth the effort!
I said to the Mister last week that I am glad we started last Winter, because as
we get older, I just don't know if we would have started it this year, knowing all the work 
we have had to do.

In between times, I have taken a small job at church, which takes me away a couple days a week,
but I have still managed to find time to create amongst the busy-ness and mess.  I didn't sell as many Halloween items as I would have liked, so if you visit my shop and see something you would like for next year's Fall season, you can take 20% off any Fall item with the special code, BLOG20, just for you, my blogging friends.

I am looking forward to seeing the grandkiddos this evening, dressed in their Halloween costumes.
I'll also grab some before and after pictures of our reno project and post them later this week.

Wishing you many blessings!


  1. Happy Halloween to you also. I love seeing the kids all dressed up and so happy. We finally have all of our home repairs/renos completed, and are so happy about it. Prim blessings.

  2. It seems like time is speeding by this autumn! I'm looking forward to seeing your final photos of your renovation project. I was just fascinated by the older construction "methods" that you discovered.


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