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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Whatcha working on Wednesday.

I am THRILLED to report that Spring is finally here....there is just a smidgen of snow left in a couple of shady areas.  Yippee - never thought the day would come!
 Sunday was a gorgeous day - with highs near 70.  We took a 5 mile walk, sat in the sun, chatted and enjoyed watching Petie and the chickens run around the yard.  Monday we even lovelier.  I was watching Allie, so we puttered around outside. I cleaned the garden around the pond, and drained it down, so I could clean it well before putting clean water back in.  I was soooo ready for the fish to be back in there and out of the tanks in the house.
Tuesday was a bit chillier, cloudy and windy, but I manged to finish up the pond and get the fish out there.  I also raked and cleaned out the beds around our stone patio.  I always like to do that first so we can get out our patio furniture.
I'm also doing a little extra cleaning to prepare for a visit on Monday from my sweet blogging friend, Theresa of Dulaney Woods! I'm so looking forward to her coming for lunch!

I've been working on a few orders here and there and creating some things for my Etsy shop.



What have you been up to?

Have a lovely day everyone.


  1. Looks like you have been doing a lot ,It is all so nice.Do you ever do chickens?

  2. Hi Mom (Vlad here),

    The bears (LuLu & Flora) are off being punished and Prudence is working on a project so I thought I would write. Just wanted to say "I love you", and miss you but life here is good, really GOOD. Not this Friday, but next Friday (4/24) Prudence wants me to write the post, I titled it "Friday Fly-Over by Vlad", pretty catchy huh?

    Looks like you are busy creating - of course you know I have always loved your work. Say "hi" to Maria for me, I mentioned her in my post too.

    Beak Pecks

  3. Hi Wendy, love your hoodies, busy gal... The weather is nice but so windy today. Can't wait to get out in the flower beds.Blessings Francine.

  4. Sounds like you've been busy!!! It's been warming up a bit here ~ but the wind is chilly. Wonderful creations Wendy!

  5. The dandelion sheep is so adorable!!!
    Have a wonderful time with Theresa! Prim friends are the best!

  6. I am like you and so glad Spring is finally here. Love all your creations Wendy, you have been a busy girl. hugs, Lecia

  7. I have not had anytime to work on creative projects. April has been crazy and full to the brim with business! Hoping May slows down some. Then will be yard work time!

    Hope all is well with the little ones!



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