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Friday, December 12, 2014

Day 8 - Twelve Days of Christmas Celebration & Giveaway

Good morning Gals!

Grab a cup a 'cawfee' and come join me for today's tutorial.  I have had this particular tutorial bookmarked for weeks and really want to make one, but every week flies by without a chance to do so.

 You may have noticed that I love vintage inspired Christmas items, which is why I am drawn to the wonderful creations by
Karen of My Desert Cottage.  She has made so many mixed media pieces, and her tutorial for waterless snowglobes is so inspiring, that I wanted to be sure to share it with you, even if I haven't had an opportunity to create one for myself yet.  I have gathered all of the supplies I need....now to find the time.

Maybe you will have a chance to create one of her beautiful snowglobes.

Oh, they look so fancy, but once you read her tutorial, you will see that she uses every day items to bring the magic to life!
So head on over to My Desert Cottage and let Karen teach you all about adding sparkle to your Christmas decor.

I'll be back on MONDAY with my own tutorial/recipe.
Today's Giveaway question of the day is:

"When was the last time you built or helped to build a snowman?"

See you tomorrow!!!


  1. Love those globes, I want to make one too.

    Built a snowman - it's been so long that I can't even remember. We left "cold country" in 1987 (CA, FL). We are in Western NC 1 year and we get SNOW - so I have "snowman" on my to do list. (o:


  2. It has to be 10 years at least. Ouch! We're suppose to get a bit of snow this weekend, maybe a snowman is in fine order!!
    These snow globes are so pretty, thank you for the link, Wendy ")

  3. Oh my, at least 20 years ago when my daughter was young. We lived in Mississippi then, and did not get snow that often other than a light dusting :)

  4. Probably 10 years since any of the children in my family were small. But there are new little ones in the family now so I think we will be building snowmen soon.

  5. Last winter. I have 8 & 10 yr. old girls so there will be more snowmen this year, as soon as we have enough snow.

  6. It's probably been 10 years! And it won't happen now that we live in Florida! heehee! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. Looks like fun! Hugs!

  7. HELLO, oh it was several years ago with the Grandchildren! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Quite a few years ago LOL I did watch my nephew build one in my backyard a year or two ago though...

  9. Just last winter my 3-yr-old grandson helped me build on in the front yard - so much fun!

  10. What lovely snowglobes, thanks for the link Wendy! My hubby and I actually built a snowman just last month :O) We got a huge dump of snow and it was perfect snowman making consistency so we couldn't resist. It scared the heck our of our youngest dog, she kept barking and barking at it LOL!

  11. Two years ago with the nieces. Hannah was excited to show me how to do snow angels too. Warm Blessings! Amy

  12. Long enough that I can't remember, lol. My kids made them and I might have helped, so it has been at least 20 or more years;)


  13. my last snowman was when my son was 12, 9 yrs. ago! wow!

    love the globe, I want to do one!

  14. I actually just built a snowman with my 2 year old grandson yesterday morning! It was little, but he loved it! WE had to use raspberries for the eyes!!

  15. These are beautiful snow globes, Wendy. thanks for sharing!
    It has been years since I built a snowman.....probably 3-4 years. Oh how I miss those days when my boys were little.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  16. The snowglobes are very fancy looking!

    We made snowmen often in Colorado. There's no snow where we are now, so we haven't been able to make one in the last two years.

  17. I love Karen blog too!!! Last time I was 10. My mom and step dad lived in a part of Northern Arizona that gets snow. Me and my brother made it. He was a small snowman but still a cute one.

  18. The snowglobes are beautiful. hugs, Lecia

  19. The snowglobes are beautiful The last time I helped build a snowman was probably in 1996 when we had a ton of snow. We are "snowbirds" now so get to miss the white stuff.

  20. My kids and I made a snowman last year when we got enough snow to finally build one!
    Beautiful snow globes!
    Thanks for sharing,

  21. It has been about 2 years but My husband builds one every year with our grandchildren


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