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Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 3 - Twelve Days of Christmas Celebration & Giveaway

Yippee - it's Friday!

Today is also a special day in our family, as it is our youngest son, Drew's birthday.  It's hard to believe that 26 years have passed since that quiet snowy early morning, when he was born.
There is something extra special about having a wee babe at Christmas time.  My parents got to experience it when I was born (my birthday is on the 13th), we got to experience it when Drew was born, and Drew and his wife, Maria, were blessed with little Peter on the 21st two years ago.
Perhaps it is the Celebration of the Birth of Our Lord Jesus, and being able to somehow relate to the wonder of That birth when holding a new born babe in our arms...but  it is truly magical to have a child this time of year.
It takes us back, at least in our family, through the generations and the special moments each parent has felt.

Those moments of the past have inspired me to create the tutorial for today.

Vintage Look Ornaments

 Supplies Needed

 Rotary cutter & mat
Quilting ruler
Dollar store package of snowflakes
Scrapbook paper or heavy wrapping paper
Vintage images printed on card stock or old Christmas cards
Hot glue gun
Embellishments, like glitter glue, ribbons, etc.
metal or wooden skewer (or something similar)


Using your rotary cutter and mat, cut a 1 1/2" by 12" strip of your scrapbook paper.
Turn the strip of paper over so the good side is facing down, and using your mat, skewer and ruler, you are going to carefully score the paper every 1/4".  This is the part that takes the longest, but it will help you to fold your creases with ease and exactness.

Once your paper is completely scored, you can start to fold it accordian style.  See the pictures.  Once it is all folded, you will overlap a couple of the folds and carefully glue the edges together with your glue gun.
Hold the edges firmly until the glue has set.  Check your seam and add more glue if necessary. 

Cut a 2" round piece of your paper.  This doesn't have to be exact, as it will be on the back.  Once your seam is secure, you want to gently ease your paper into a circle.  I have shown two ways to do that.  Since we will be working with the backside of the circle, I found that the second method worked well.  It looks like a cupcake paper with the bottom cut out.  Press it down onto the table til it is flat.  I laid my rotary cutter gently on top to hold it is place, while I grabbed my glue gun and paper circle.
Glue the paper circle onto the back of the pleated circle and hold until the glue sets.  Give it at least a minute before you let go, so that the glue is good and set, or the pleats will push the paper up and your piece will not sit flat.  You want a nice, flat circle.
Cut out your vintage image, keeping it as round as possible.  For my size snowflake and paper, I found that a 2" circle worked best.  When printing them out, I wasn't certain which size would work best, so I did three different sizes.
Glue the image to the front of your pleated circle, then glue those onto the front of your snowflake.  You can use glitter glue or tinsel ribbon...whatever you like...to embellish your ornament.
Attach a ribbon or pretty embroidery floss to your ornament, hang and enjoy.
 I found some gold snowflakes in my stash, so I made up a vintage lady ornament too, with some gold, cream and black heavy Christmas wrapping paper as the pleated part.
I hope you have enjoyed today's tutorial.
I can imagine many different versions of this ornament!
Here are some other ideas:
Children's pictures
Beloved Pets
Christmas' past pictures
Deceased relatives and loved ones

I hope you decide to make some ornies like this too.  They are so inexpensive and the results, I think, are quite nice.
I've included a couple of Santa images for you to use, but you may also find more images with an internet search or by checking out The Graphics Fairy website. You will have to take them into a print program to adjust your size.  Remember to print them onto card stock, as regular paper won't be stiff enough.

My GIVEAWAY question of the day is

"Do you put up a live or artificial Christmas tree?"

Don't forget to check back on my other posts, comment and answer the question of the day for each day.  You must comment on each day's post to be entered into the giveaway.

We have a busy weekend ahead, so I will see you back here on MONDAY for the next craft, recipe or tutorial!
Have a blessed weekend everyone.


  1. We put up an artifical one. I sneeze too much with a real one. However the cats don't seem to notice much difference-they climb both types :)

  2. First of all, "Happy Birthday" to your son! My birthday is on the 13th as well!! Having a child this time of year does seem really special, I had my daughter on the 14th, a day after mine, so it always makes it extra special during the holiday season:)
    Second, I love to sit down with my kids and do ornaments so we will be giving this one a try, very cute!
    Third, we put up an artificial tree. I have never had a real one, growing up my mother was allergic so we had to have artificial. It's all good though as everyone thinks my tree is real...now all I need to do is go out and buy the fragrance that you can put on them!

  3. Like this ornament, really like it.

    We put up artificial Christmas trees.

    Weekend Blessings ♥

  4. They do grow up fast, my youngest is 28 and my son has his own son now. I put up fake ones and they are small since my kitties and pup would play havoc on a large one;)


  5. We put up a real Christmas tree:) Thank your for the wonderful posts, recipes, and tuts:)

  6. Sadly, we use an artificial tree for Christmas, but I always try to get some fir branches from a neighbor when they trim their real tree to fit in the house - I just crave that fresh Christmas smell!

    Thanks for the great ornament tutorial!

  7. Happy Birthday to your son, and early Happy Day to you as well. Love the ornament, thank you for sharing. I put up artificial trees as I put mine up so early. But I do use fresh greenery around the house for decorating. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Hi Wendy!
    Had to blog about your fun 12 days of Christmas!
    We put up about 30 artificial trees--my husband is over the top on Christmas! Yet we haven't started this year!
    Hope for this weekend.
    Love your sweet ornaments. Thanks for the tutorial!

  9. Hi,livng in Montana, most of our trees have been fresh over the years>we're just too old now+have switched to a fake one. It is beautiful too! Thank You for sharing! MERRY CHRISTMAS !


  10. I love the old fashioned Santa image and it's such fun to craft for the holidays. I'm sewing today...something red with white snowflakes! We don't put up a regular size tree but I buy a live wreath for the door every year. Thanks for the tutorial! Hugs, Diane

  11. We put up an artificial one since the kids are all grown. Easier with the grandchildren visiting too.

  12. Hi Wendy, Happy Birthday do Drew, you and your little grandson, how wonderful! Thank you for sharing your tutorial, I love it! The last 4 years I have had an artificial tree, but really prefer a real one. Hugs, Lecia

  13. Happy birthday to Drew! And also to all the other December babies in your family, what a busy time of year for all of you with Christmas and all those birthdays :O) Thanks for this lovely ornament tutorial Wendy, so pretty! We always have a live Christmas tree at our home, we go up to the mountains behind our home and cut one down every year. It's one of our favourite Christmas traditions. Thanks again for your tutorial and have a great weekend! Deb

  14. Happy Birthday to your Son Drew....... Love the tutorial, looks so nice....... I have to have a real tree every year but I do have a little fake one I put up early. Blessings Francine.

  15. I love this ornament idea and thanks for the Santa pictures. Happy birthday to your son!
    I put up an artificial tree. It is a little apartment and real ones are too expensive.
    Be blessed,

  16. We have a artifical prim pencil tree. I love real ones but don't have the time anymore to clean and water.Happy birthday to your son! Amy

  17. Yes, happy birthday to the guys. We do love real Christmas trees, but due to mother's health (and my own), we opt for an artificial tree.

  18. Happy birthday to your son! We don't have many December birthdays in my family. Both of my kids are September babies. Though my oldest was born on the first snow day of the year in 2000! It was also our first snow since moving to Colorado from southern California. :)

    We always get a real tree. I love the way it smells! Have never had an artificial one, though some of the prim ones would be nice to have someday and keep out year round. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  19. After our live tree fell in the middle of the night & needeed to be tied to the wall we switched to artificial. Love this ornament idea. Off to the dollar store! Thank you for taking the time to brighten our holiday!

  20. We enjoy an artificial tree, it doesn't dry out or leave a mess. I always buy a fresh wreath or table decoration to give that wonderful aroma.
    I am enjoying your decorations and family traditions.

  21. Beautiful Chickie Pal
    This year my hubby bought me twiggy tree to help get me in my happy place after a very hard year. we put it up in July.
    And it worked...I miss my real one but this one is filled with all our treasured memories and they make some wonderful tree smelling candles.
    Warm Christmas Blessings

  22. We have an artificial tree now but for years we would go out and cut our own.

  23. Ooohhhhhh! I can't wait to sit down and make some ornies. We always have had artificial since I was little and my parents discovered I was allergic to live trees! Before that, my parents got live trees with the roots still intact. They were planted in the back yard. :)

  24. Live tree. We go with my son, his wfe and our grandchilren to cut our tree.

  25. Love those ornaments. We had to go with artificial these past few years, due to my sons allergies.



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