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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Come take a stroll around my yard!

Good morning Prim Peeps!

I've been wanting to do a few pictures posts for some time now, to share my home and yard with you all, since I can't do it in person...although I would happily welcome any one of you who would love to visit!  Well,  I FINALLY managed to walk around the yard with my camera...so...please, get comfy, grab your mornin' cup a' cawfee...and come take a stroll around my yard with me!

Welcome to my front porch!

Entrance to my patio from the front yard

Egg stand we made to sell our fresh eggs, baked goods and produce....sadly, it has not been opened yet this year, because of the loss of half of my flock from the mink attack in January...hoping to open next month when my new girls are laying.  The chicken on the side was painted by my very talented DIL, Maria.

My newest garden between two big old trees.  With roots and uneven ground, it was just too hard to mow under them, so I created this lovely raised bed, and decorated it with an old basket filled with impatiens, an old crib side I found in the barn, old milk can, tin bucket with pansies, a birdhouse, flags and of course a crow!

St. Francis peaks out from amongst the ferns, lily of the valley and boxwood.

My Dad made the birdhouse for me...we were so lucky to have a bluebird family occupy it this Spring.  The little babies just left the nest last week.
View from my patio overlooking the garden pond I put in two years ago...yes...all hand dug and rock work done by yours truly.

Muffin enjoys the garden.  The lovely cement pergola I nabbed after seeing an ad on Craigslist for it - $35!  You can bet I rushed over to get it!

View of the patio from between the barn and workshop/coop area...I realized that somehow I forgot to take pictures of the barn!

My old plow by the picket fence surrounding the patio.  The arbor to the right is covered with a wisteria.

Some of the older gals and Telly enjoying a romp in the yard.

Eliza - I have tried to name all of my chickens after good old movies and old tv shows.  I named her Eliza, because of her black and white attire....any fans of My Fair Lady will chuckle when they think of all the ritzy people at the races wearing black and white.

A couple of my newest chickens...that's Mrs Howell aka Lovey to the left....the one to the right hasn't a name yet...suggestions???


Ethel was very curious......

That's good old Aunt Bea to the left.....

Ethel and a few more unnamed girls

Wow, does the grass look green....eat those bugs girls!

I hope you have enjoyed your visit and come back soon.
I will be doing another picture post for the remainder of the yard and barn in a few days.  Then, sometime next week, I hope to get inside pictures taken.

Have a blessed day my friends.

"How great the goodness You have stored up for those who honor and fear You"
Psalm 31:19


  1. Morning Chickie Pal
    What a beautiful stroll around your homestead I had.
    Love your feathered kids.
    I love naming my hens the cool old names too.
    Woolie Love

  2. Morning Wendy, you sure have a gorgeous home, love it. The yard, everything looks so beautiful and inviting. Your chickens are so pretty, thanks for the tour, I enjoyed so much, Blessings Francine.

  3. Your home is beautiful and I love your yard and the pond, gorgeous area to live in.


  4. Beautiful. You could sure come and work on my yard for a while if you're bored:) Aren't mink awful things? No wonder we make collars out of them. I had the same issue.

  5. Hi Wendy, your home is lovely! Everything is so beautiful and relaxing. I love your chickens! They have such a wonderful home. hugs, Lecia

  6. What a lovely tour! Everything looks so nice and very pretty. I wish I could have a yard and gardens like that, but no go up here in the north country. Thanks for the tour. :)

  7. And it's so sweet
    Big hugs x

  8. You really do have a beautiful home. It's so nice to have a big porch to decorate and enjoy spending time on. And the picket fence and chickens...and pretty flower gardens make is perfect! Enjoy the nice weather this week. I'm showing off my gardening angel on my blog today! Hugs, Diane

  9. Truly enjoyed your wonderful yard tour. It is so pretty and has many things that I love! I can tell you love your plants and flowers ......and your old things. Very creative. I enjoyed every minute of it!!!!! Thank you.

  10. Loved taking a stroll with you. Your surroundings are simply beautiful. Loved all of the names you have chosen for your chicks. A few names I can think of are Laverne and Shirley or Rhoda. Janice

  11. Simply beautiful! I can see why Muffin enjoys the garden!

  12. Ooh my goodness---we are neighbors so to speak--
    I live at the very end of Seneca lake--South end--
    I just signed up for your doll challenge--
    I love love the pictures of your home and the chickens--
    ok--I love Muffin the cat too!!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  13. Lovely garden and home!! You need the rest of the Gilligan girls in your flock...how about Ginger and Mary Ann for chicken names?? :o))

  14. BEAUTIFUL!! I love your home and gardens. I'm envious of people who know how landscape, mine never turns out how I envision it.


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