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Friday, April 25, 2014

Here chick, chick, chick............and meeting a blogging friend!

Good morning Prim Peeps!
This week has been spent attempting to introduce the new chicks to the older ones.  This is not always an easy task...it has to be done gradually and under supervision, as the older hens can turn into very mean 'olde bitties' and peck mercilessly at the chicks.

I'm making progress....Most of the chickens have accepted the newcomers for the most part.  I only have one older chicken who seems to be bullying the babes around.  I have taken to removing her from the pen when they are browsing around.  She knows she shouldn't be bugging the babies...whenever I yell at her or she sees me, she'll run away.  If she keeps it up, she'll be out of the pen for a few days and in the barn!


I am so excited this morning, because this afternoon I am meeting my  blogging buddy, Theresa of Dulaney Woods!  She is originally from our area and will be up visiting relatives, so we are meeting for lunch and chit chat.  I made her and her sweet little boy, Silas, a couple of goodies to take home with them.  
More on our visit, with pictures, on Monday!

Have a blessed weekend everyone!


  1. Morning Wendy, I love your pretty chicks, that soft grey one is beautiful.....how fun to meet Theresa, have a great time, Blessings Francine.

  2. Hi Wendy, Love those chicks. They are so cute. it is so nice that you are meeting Teresa. Hope you ladies have a wonderful time! hugs,

  3. those chicks sound like some people I know!
    wanting the upper hand!
    hope you have a great weekend!

  4. That Gray chick is a beauty. Thinkin a silkie? I experience this with my chickens meeting the new ducklings. So the chicken knows your the boss. How nice to get together with a fellow blogger.

  5. Good luck with the chicks and hope you have a wonderful visit with Theresa!

  6. Awwww... Chickies! So beautiful! I am so happy you get to meet Theresa!!!! Boy! Everyone is meeting up! So great!

    Love and hugs!!! Heather


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