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Friday, February 7, 2014

Rebecca Rabbit

Popping in to show off my newest bunny.  She's available for purchase in my Etsy Shoppe.

I'm off today to spend some girlie time with Allie, Maria and Petie (ok...he's not a girl, but he has no choice but to be dragged along with us!
Love his smile!

Have a wonderful Friday all...and don't forget to join in my
2014 Spring Pin Keep Swap.


  1. Wonderful bunny and beautiful dress. I need to make some, but I am too lazy to dig through my pile of patterns, lol.


  2. Hi Wendy, love the bunny, so pretty....enjoy your time with the cutie pie, Francine.

  3. Rebecca is very pretty. I love the blue fabric. So glad you all got some girl-time. Petie looks like he had a fun time also :)

  4. Such a cute bunny! Enjoy your together time!


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