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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Updates on my Mister & OPP offerings

First a quick update on my hubby.  He is done with Day 2 of his chemo (5 more to go).  So far he seems to be tolerating it okay.  I show him all of your comments as we wait for his infusions each day.  He sends his thank yous!  Prim friends really are the BEST!

Today is the 15th, and that means NEW offerings on 

Here is a sneak peek of 

Rachel Rabbit...she'll be available for sale starting today!
Why not stop by to visit my page on the Olde Primitive Peddler and also see what the other great artists are offering too!


  1. Sending you and your hubby happy thoughts and sunshine from Southern California!!! :)

  2. So glad that Mr. Whimzies is tolerating the chemo well. We will continue to pray for him. I love Rachel Rabbit. She's too cute!

  3. Positive thoughts for you and your hubby--the rabbit is awesome

  4. Good to hear so far so good. Dad didn't do to bad with the chemo, he even kept his hair. Keeping you and hubby in prayer. The bunny is just wonderful. Warm blessings! Amy

  5. God Bless you both. Thank you for the update. Again, I pray for you two every morning.

    Blessings and lots of hugs

  6. Good to hear so far so good with Hubby, keeping you both in my prayers......love the bunny, so sweet, Blessings Francine.

  7. Playing catch up once again,lol! So good to hear that hubby is tolerating the chemo well.Thanks for the update.Love the rabbit,she is adorable. Prayers and hugs for you both.Blessings,Jen

  8. So glad Hubby is doing well!!...He will continue to be in my prayers...Remember to take care of yourself also!..Hugs to you both. Jean

  9. Glad to hear hubby is hanging in there. Will continue to pray for him. :)

  10. Yeah@
    Our God is great.
    Praying for your LOVE!
    Giant hugs
    Love your new bunny!
    Warm Woolie Love

  11. Your bunny is so cute!
    Have your hubby on my prayer list and will keep praying. So thankful it is going well so far!
    Keep the faith.
    Be blessed,

  12. pray that all continues to go well.


  13. hope all continues to go well for him!
    love the rabbit!

  14. Hello, Wendy,
    I haven't posted a comment on your blog for quite awhile, and I have been reading back to see about your hubby. I am so sorry for his diagnosis, but thankful when I read that his cancer has a 95% cure rate. That is wonderful news. I am sending special prayers for him and for you as you care for him. Hopefully his chemo symptoms will not be bad.
    HUgs, Melinda

  15. Such a dear, sweet bunny! She is beautiful!!!!! You and hubby continue to be in my prayers!!!! Love and huge hugs to you both! Stay warm!


  16. So glad your hubby is doing ok. Keeping him in my thoughts as he goes thru this battle.

  17. Glad to read so far so good...Rachel is beautiful...enjoy your evening...Hugs lil raggedy

  18. Positive thoughts and prayers for you and your husband will continue.
    Love your Bunny!!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  19. Such wonderful news Wendy that he is tolerating the chemo well so far. Healing energy and good thoughts continuing your way and Rachel is adorable! Deb

  20. Hi Wendy, Praying that your husbands treatments will continue to go well, with no side effects and that this will all be a thing of the past very soon! Your bunny is so adorable, your talent amazes me! Hugs, Lecia

  21. Thankful that your husband is tolerating the chemo, hope it continues! I have been away from blogland for so very long and this is why I really dislike being away.... I had no idea. I will be praying for your husband and for you!

    Rachel Rabbit is so adorable and wonderfully prim, love her!

  22. Perhaps rather than chemo, they should hook him up with a quad shot mocha, or some good chocolate in liquid form, do they make anything bacon flavored??? I know it's not a joking matter - just trying to lighten it up a bit. Keep well & many prayers going your direction. You take care of yourself too so you can keep up. You (both) have a huge support team out here rooting for you and keeping you in our thoughts.
    Many blessings.

  23. Hi, Wendy,
    I've been through what you are going through, and my thoughts are with you and your hubby...hang in there!

  24. Wendy, I haven't been getting around to the blogs I follow as I should and I'm terribly sorry I didn't know you were going through a tough time like this. I will certainly be standing in prayer with you and others who are praying for your hubby. Chemo is a tough thing to go through for the whole family. I know God will see you and your husband through this time.

    Rachel Rabbit is darling.


  25. Wendy, glad your husband is tolerating the chemo so far, that is good news! I will keep you both in my prayers!

  26. Saying a prayer for your hubby. Cute bunny! Janice


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