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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


So...last Friday I popped Allie in her car seat and we headed up the lake to do some shopping.  It was a beautiful day and the lake was so calm and pretty...but it's a good thing I was looking on the OTHER side of the road at one point, because there was a special treasure just sitting near the edge of the road, waiting for a new owner!
It took ALL my strength to get this wonderful find in the back of my Acadia (Allie was no help at all - lol), but I got it in and am just tickled with it!  I think my whole body was shaking for a 1/2 hour or more afterwards...I'm not sure if it was from excitement or the extreme exertion I had to expend getting it in the back of the car.

All this FREE!
Complete with original manuals, a letter, belts, attachments...it's a genuine pedal sewing machine and I am in LOVE with it!


Here's a couple other pictures to share...
Steph, Maria & I took a stroll down the road on Sunday....

These views are one of the main reasons we fell in love with This Olde House

Some of the girls - out enjoying the Fall weather

The old black compost bin that was here when we moved here makes a great 'emergency shelter' for the girls if a hawk happens by.


and finally...
I'm having a quick little contest on my Facebook page so why not grab your broom and fly on over to find out how you can win.


  1. Morning Wendy, great score indeed, love it.......Beautiful Fall pictures, love the Kitty with the witches hat, to cute.......Blessings Francine.

  2. Lucky you! It's a beautiful old machine! :0)

  3. I'd say SCORE, that is a wonderful machine..
    What a treasure!

  4. Now that is something we all would all love to find just sitting there, lol. Nice find.


  5. That is so awesome! My grandma has one and I hope someday it will go to me. I don't think it's as old as yours, I'll have to get a photo of it soon and post it on my blog, I've been meaning to. I know nothing about it.

  6. Oh Happy Day!
    I bet you were doing cartwheels.
    Great new treasure.
    Love your beautiful photos.
    Woolie Hugs

  7. Oh my goodness those are heeeeavvvy! Amazing what we can accomplish in excitement...smile...Amy

  8. Wow, that's pretty neat! Can't beat free!

  9. Lord almighty, you did score gal! Someone was throwing this beauty away?! I'm happy you found it :)
    Wow, what great scenery around you. Just like a Folk Art painting.

  10. I am going to guess that you are going to win the "Score of the Year" award! Good eye!


  11. Wow, what a great find! So glad you got it loaded and taken back to your house. Why would someone even throw away such a treasured antique is beyond me. perhaps they knew not what they had there :)

  12. Oh my.....what a score indeed!!!!! You won the jackpot!!! Why would someone throw that away is beyond me! Congrats!! :)

  13. wow! what a beauty!!
    just love it!

  14. What a fabulous view you have and a wonderful place to walk! Love LOVE your old sewing machine. I bet you were doing the happy dance! I've missed visiting with you. I don't know what happened to my blog favs. I just put your blog back in and now I won't miss your fun! Sweet hugs, Diane


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