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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Spring Challenge Dolls to show you!

Good morning gals!

I start out this morning with MY challenge doll.  I had teased you with a couple of sneak peeks last week, so I figured I should unveil her now, as some of you have asked when I will be doing so.

Meet Lady Liberty!

I designed Lady Liberty with, of course, the Americana theme in mind.  I had a picture in my head of what I wanted to do with the doll challenge before I even created the pattern, so I designed the pattern around my idea.  I painted her bodice navy blue, then created a skirt with red and white fabrics.  Before I sewed the back seam of her skirt, I hand stitched "I pledge allegiance to the Flag" on the white sections of her skirt.  Her shawl is made of stained gauze with a prim star button.  Her hair is sheep's wool from a friend's sheep and I made her crown of mustard colored wool felt, which is also stained.   She'll be one of the items I will be listing for sale in my Etsy shop for the OFG 2013 Summer Celebration starting soon.


I received Vicky's entry yesterday for the challenge, and she too decided to go Halloween with her creation!  Vicky cracked me up with her little story about Mathilda...so read on....
"This is Mathilda. She was named by my 7 year old who thinks she is just 'scumptious' (her words!). Mathilda spends most of her time with her cauldron perfecting her recipes that can change Politicians into Toads and ordinary men into Tom Selleck! I've painted her body green with acrylic paints and striped her legs with purple and orange. She has been lightly sanded for an old/aged look. Her face is hand painted with her hideous nose, warts and all! Her red lips are pursed and ready to spout out her mesmerizing spells should you choose to cross her path. I modified her shoes to look like a Witch's boot. Her hat is hand made from felt with pip berries glued to it. Her hair is dyed gray wool roving. I've used 3 different fabrics for her dress and orange with black polka dots fabric for her pantaloons. She has a ratty old piece of dyed cheesecloth tied around her neck with a rusty pin and jingle bell. Her broom is a cinnamon stick with raffia and sisal.
It is not recommended that you confer with Mathilda, however if you choose to, please do so at your own risk."

Thank you so much Vicky for showing us your wonderful creation!

That's it for today...I'm off to finish a couple more items for the OFG Celebration.  Hope you enjoyed today's post!  Have a blessed day.


  1. I love your lady liberty, really creative design and accessories.
    I think the halloween doll is a fun one too and the girls are really coming out with some creative and beautifully made pieces.


  2. Lady Liberty is Beautiful, Wendy!
    And I Love Vicky's doll also. What fun you girls are having creating these beautiful dolls. i enjoy seeing each one. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your day!

  3. Love your Lady Liberty! Vicky's doll is awesome too,such a fun story.Have a wonderful day.Hugs,Jen

  4. Wow!
    Two more wonderful dolls.
    You and Vicky did a great doll.
    I love how it is the same pattern and yet all the lady's got so created and each one is totally different yet equally wonderfully.
    Thanks so much for hosting this fun challenge.

  5. Wow!!! More fantastic finishes by you and Vicky. Love what you both created!!!

  6. I LOVE your Lady Liberty, Wendy!! Awesome creation! I think it's cool how you painted her bodice on! Will have to try that some time! Thanks for the Challenge! It's been fun!

  7. I love Lady Liberty Wendy, she is wonderful! And Vicky's creation is fabulous, it's so amazing how everyone's dolls are so different based on your great pattern. Thanks for the challenge, it was so much fun. Deb

  8. Lady Liberty is adorable! And Vicky's witch is too cute. I'm really enjoying seeing what everyone made with your pattern :)

  9. These dolls are both darling! I love them :)


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