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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kizmet uses up one of her 9 lives

This is a tale of how our newest kitty Kizmet recently used up one of her lives.....

Last Friday I headed to the 'backroom' of our house to grab some haddock out of the freezer for dinner.  It was about  4 in the afternoon and I wanted to quick thaw it and get dinner going.   Mr. Whimzie came home around 5, we had a little time for a bit of wine and reading the newspaper.  We ate around 6.  After cleaning up the kitchen, we both headed out for the first round of shoveling and snow blowing from the storm we were getting.  We probably spent the better part of 2 hours out there.  We came inside, warmed up by the fire and talked to our eldest son, Scott, on the phone until about 9:40.  The Mister and I then headed to our computers to play our Words with Friends game (lol) on Facebook and check emails.  Hubby decided to get ready for bed around 11.  On his way upstairs he said to me.....
 "Where is the kitten? I don't remember seeing her tonight." 
 I said, "Oh...I don't know...she must be around somewhere" and waved my hand around...you see...we have a big house and it isn't always easy to keep track of which room the cats have chosen at any particular time.
I proceeded to get ready for bed, and decided to look around downstairs for Kizmet...she usually sleeps with us and I thought I would bring her up to bed with me.

I went into the kitchen....called.....no kitten

I went into the carriage room....called....no kitten

I stuck my head into the back room, as she sometimes likes to hang out there on top of a shelf or box (we have a cat door in the wall to the back room, as that is where the littler is)....I didn't see her and called "KIZMET".....

I heard her meow.

Now I will pause in the story here, and tell you that on Wednesday of last week...Kizmet, being a curious kitten, decided to jump down behind the washer and dryer.   I gasped when I saw her do this, because the Mister was in Maryland and that washer and dryer are heavy....I wondered if I would be able to move them.  It was nearly midnight then, so I just stuck a towel tightly between the washer and dryer  and draped it down the back, in hopes that she would climb up during the night.   In the morning she was still there behind the washer and dryer and the towel was back there too....guessing it wasn't wedged in there tight enough and when she tried to climb up it fell back with her.  So I managed to jiggle the dryer out enough that morning so I could crawl on top, lean down behind it and grab her tail and pull her up...which I did.

Now back to my OTHER story......

so...it is 11:30 pm...and I hear Kizmet meow when I call her in the back room and I think.....

That goofy cat....she must have been messing around and fell behind the freezer and extra refrigerator we have out there...so I start to move the recycling bins to coax her out....and I'm continuing to call her name in an effort to pin point where she is by her meows.

As I call and pull things away from the side of the freezer....I am beginning to realize that her meows are NOT coming from behind the freezer ......but that they are coming from 


the freezer!

Somehow...that curious little kitten had jumped into the bottom of the tall freezer when I was pulling the haddock out of the top of the freezer and I NEVER SAW HER!

I quickly FLUNG open the door to see her huddled in the bottom....and I grabbed her quickly and held her close to me.   I called out to Mr. Whimzie as I made my way upstairs...saying" POOR KITTEN!"   He jumps out of bed saying "WHAT???" and acting very concerned.

We snuggled under the blankets with her, but she seemed none the worse for her 7 hours....yes....7 hours in the freezer!  She proceeded to lick herself 'clean' and go to sleep.

8 Lives left.......

She's getting a collar with bells on it today!


  1. HOLY BURRRRR Batman!!! I have been hanging on every word of this story...Amazing kitty. So happy she is thawed and happy!

  2. Sounds like your life is going to be very interesting with this kitty in your life.

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I can't believe she was able to even meow after 7 hours in the freezer! Poor kitty!!! Thank God she is okay.

    Yes, she needs a bell collar. lol. Our female cat wears one. She's not curious like yours, but at night she likes to jump up onto the bed, on top of me, and I'd rather hear her coming than be surprised when a cat jumps on me like that.

    Blessings, Jessica

  4. Thank goodness for happy endings.
    Poor kitty

  5. That is scary, I had a cat who loved to jump in my refrigerator every time I opened it, and some who still hide in closets. They are always in certain spots so I tend to notice if they go missing for a few hours;) So glad she is ok, she is such a cutie.


  6. Oh wow, that is crazy! The poor thing, I can't believe she survived it. I had to chuckle at the end though after I knew she was okay. It's just a good thing you didn't go on to bed...

  7. Oh my goodness!! Poor kitten, maybe she will never do that again!

  8. WOW, she must have REALLY thick fur. Bless her frozen heart. Glad you found her when you did.


  9. Oh wow Wendy! How crazy??!! And you sure can tell a story. lol. Our pets ans the crazy lives they give us. So glad that it had a happy ending.Blessings~Sara

  10. Oh... My.... that would have scared a life out of me too...poor thing. It was a good thing you went looking for her.

  11. Oh Miss Wendy,

    Oh my mohair, that poor little purr box....I am shaking with fright. Mom says that kitty cats love to scurry into hiding places.

    I think maybe a cow bell is the answer. It would weigh her down and she won't be able to jump into trouble. Can you imagine, that sweet little soul dragging a cow bell behind her.

    Being serious - we are so thankful that she is okay, you and Mr. Whimzie too.

  12. HOLY MOLY!! 7 hours!! I am surprised she wasn't a popsicle! If she keeps this up she will use those lives up fast. Better keep an eye on her. :)

  13. Yup..amazing story..
    Such a sweet kitty..
    Hugs for you all x

  14. OMG! That is all I kept saying as I read your post. Poor baby! It is so easy for things like this to happen. Our Luca is a big champagne coloured house cat, very hard to miss, yet he still managed to sneak out behind my husband one day and was hiding under the house.

    The little sweetie will have to guard those other 8 lives.

  15. So crazy, poor sweet kitty....so happy she is not frozen stiff....Francine.

  16. Oh no! Bless her little heart. Glad she is ok!

  17. Just a typical toddler huh? I am so happy this had a happy ending!
    be blessed,

  18. Oh my goodness.
    SO happy your sweetie is ok.
    Wolfie got shut in the fridge before but oh my the freezer.
    Giant hugs

  19. Oh my goodness, poor kitty. Kizmet is just too curious. Thank heavens she is okay. Bells sound real good for this mischievous fur ball... lol.


  20. oh my goodness! I am glad she is ok/ We have a new kitten..and she is about the most curious kitty we have ever had.

  21. What a lucky kitty. A bell may be a good idea. Take care, Janice

  22. Ohhhh...poor lil' thing...I am shivering just thinking about it! YES...she so needs a lil' bell collar <3

  23. You and kitty are so lucky. My oldest sons girlfriend and her friend when they were little put a kitten in the freezer. The father of my sons girlfriend found kitty frozen stiff. Blessings! Lara

  24. I'm so happy you found her when you did! Silly Kitty!

  25. I knew where the story was going as soon as I read you opened the freezer to grab something for supper.. I am soooooo glad you found her alive. How horrible if you had waited a couple days to open the freezer & found her.
    Your story sent cold chills up my spine. It could so easily happen with a kitten. They are so quick & quiet.
    And, wow, she is a cutie.


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