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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our Menagerie

Ever since our little grandson, Peter was born, it has not stopped snowing.  We've gotten nearly 3 feet of snow in the days since he came into our world.  He's a light in the dreary darkness of winter.   As Mr. Whimzie and I were sitting having coffee in the carriage room after church on Sunday, our new kitty was wandering around.  She decided to take up this pose and I just prayed she would not move before I grabbed my camera.  I was able to snap quite  a few pictures....it would make a great Christmas card, don't you think?

Later in the day, the hubby and I did a little 'communing with the chickens'...and I took my camera along to snap some of them as well.  They do NOT like the snow and cold and have been pretty much staying inside the coop.  
While Buttercup was pecking at a tray of goodies I took out, little Minnie decided she REALLY didn't like having cold feet and jumped up onto Buttercup's back - too funny.

Most of the chickens wandered as far as the barn.....

...but Clarice decided to try the snow....got stuck..and spent about 5 minutes trying to figure out the best way to get out.

Jack and a couple of the girls

Big Hoss with his harem

Chris & Hoss

What a fine fellow.
This final picture was taken on Christmas day.  All the dogs were here and getting in the way of opening presents...basically making pests of themselves.  Our son, Drew, decided to put his dog, Strider, into Jack's cage for a while so they could calm down, but Jack hopped in too...and of course, little Moose, never wanting to miss out, joined the crowd.  We had to snap some pictures of these goofy dogs all in the crate together.
I'm not certain Jack is too thrilled with the arrangement, but they stayed in the crate for about an hour together, without a peep! 
Hope you enjoyed visiting with our menagerie this morning!  I'm off to run some errands and then make a big cake for Peter's baptism this weekend.

Warm winter blessings


  1. Precious. Thank you for sharing. The photo of the 3 LBD's (little brown dogs) is so sweet, look at those faces! Love Jack's coat.


  2. Morning Wendy, that picture would be a beautiful Christmas card, love it and all the other animals, such great looking chickens, makes me want to get some.....how funny all the dogs in there.......Hugs Francine.

  3. Your post made me smile, the chicks are so funny, and the pups too.
    My dog loves to open presents so I wrap some for him and I just realized, his presents are still in the bag, my brain is on hold lately. Guess we will have a little party for him, lol.


  4. Good morning Wendy,what a wonderful post!Loved seeing those gorgeous chickens and the goofy pups.To me life would be so boring without my animal friends.Gave a wonderful day.Hugs,Jen

  5. The ducks aren't thrilled about the snow either, though we just have a dusting. I think they need little ducky booties, their feet get so cold! Buttercup has one way figured out how to keep her feet warm-good thinking lol!
    Dog crate: maximum capacity:3 Love it...they wre bonding lol!

    Happy New Year Wendy!


  6. A very lovely slice of life post! Jack is very dapper in his coat and I think your kitty photo would make a perfect Christmas card! ~Roberta

  7. These pictures are the best!!!! How adorable! I love the contrast of the beautiful chickens against the snow! Boy, you should frame those or like you said, make notecards with them! I would buy one! I call dibs on the 3rd picture from the top! ;) Thank you for sharing these photos! I will take some snow! I think I need a snow day already...

    Love and hugs for the New Year, Wendy!!!


  8. Oh how fun! Too funny about MInnie! Love the kitty picture, actually love them all, thanks for sharing Wendy and making me smile!
    Be blessed,

  9. What a fun post.
    Such smiles.
    TGIF Chickie Pal

  10. That would make a lovely card! Love the chick stack :) and the dogs are too funny!

  11. I loved seeing your pictures - especially the chickens. My sister is the chicken person in our family (she has 22) though I would have them too if I could get my husband to cooperate. :) We had 8" of snow on" Christmas evening but here in Arkansas we aren't equipped for it so we were without power for 4 days and nights. We were quite comfortable in our home but for others who have all electric everything it was pretty brutal. blessings, marlene


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