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Friday, January 18, 2013

Flashback Friday is back

Good morning ladies!
It is nice and sunny this morning here in Central New York State...but brrrr is it COLD.
Lucky for me the computer is in a south facing room and I'm toasty with my cup of coffee, kitty on lap and sun streaming in.

I'm sharing another treasured vintage photo today, as part of Martha's Flashback Friday.
This one is of my Mom, on the left, and her sister, my Aunt Bette...don't you just love how her hair is done up with the braids!

I'd also like to ask a favor of you all who are on Facebook - could you click on this link, and head on over to vote for our chicken coop in the latest The Chicken Chick contest....just scroll down until you see my post (Wendy Montreuil) and click VOTE - Thanks!

I also wanted to remind you of my Second Annual Pin Keep Swap...sign-ups are going on now.  There are already 15 gals who are joining in the fun!  Click on the link to the right to find out more!  The more the merrier!

I'm heading out later this morning to pick up a little something I found on Craig's List - oooh...You will LOVE it....will post pictures tomorrow!  Let's just say it is something that I have wanted for a long, long time!  :-)

Have a blessed day everyone!


  1. What a sweet photo. Such happy little girls...way back when! I posted a pic of my mother today, too! Great minds think alike! heehee! Can't wait to see what you bought! Hugs!

  2. Beautiful photo of your mother and aunt, what a treasure! Thanks for playing along on Flashback Friday :)

  3. I noticed that most of the flashback posts today contain photos of our mothers. If they only all could know how much we love them.

  4. Wendy
    I love seeing old pictures. The picture of your Mother and Your Aunt is beautiful.
    I LOVE your chicken coop. I don't facebook but just to let you know that if I did I would vote for yours!
    It is very COLD here too. Next week for the high in the teens and at night 0.....Brrrrrrr!
    We have the woodstove so we are set. I love to snuggle with my hubby and watch a movie,with some candles going and hearing the firewood pop. It makes it so warm and cozy!
    Stay warm Girlie and give Peter kisses for me.

  5. That is an awesome pic,so much fun to see! Got my vote in for your sweet chicken coop.Hugs,Jen

  6. Wonderful picture, I sure enjoy seeing the old family photos......sweet chicken coop....love it....Keep Cozy,Francine.

  7. Sweet memories! If I had a facebook, I'd vote, but I don't so I can't. It's a mighty fine chicken coop!

  8. Love old photos! Also love your bunnies!! I have a giveway on my blog currently and became your newest follower. Stay warm. The temp here in Michigan yesterday was 9 degrees for the high. Janice


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