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Monday, October 15, 2012

Sad or Happy?

It is a very quiet morning here at Ravenwood....too quiet.  No crowing from the yard this sunny Fall day.  I miss them already.  Four of my sweet Roosters and four of my hens made their journey to their new home yesterday afternoon.  The man who came for them bought them as a project for his elderly father...something for him to do in his waning years.  The roos crow loudly...that is what he wanted, and the girls will provide them with some fresh eggs.  I hope they made the trip okay, and will be happy in their new home.  How hard it was to pick which of the girls to let go.  I'm such a sap and really miss them all.  When I put the girls to bed last night, I kept thinking...there are so few left...although we still have 13 hens and two roosters (who were too intimidated by the others to start crowing yet).

I should be happy that they didn't end up on the chopping block and will be able to enjoy life together and make an old man happy.  Still...it was hard to watch them drive away....
my babies when they first arrived

struttin' their stuff in the yard
missin' ya Mr. Roo
Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Sounds like they found a great home instead of being someone's dinner.

  2. Morning Chickie Pal
    I think sharing your chick happiness is a wonderful thing.
    He will love.
    Blessings & HUGS


  3. Hi Wendy.....hope the old gentlemen takes good care of them....I would miss them dearly to....take care....Hugs Francine.

  4. Such a wonderful gift.I know you miss them but they will bring pourpose to the ederly man.Hugs!~Amy

  5. So nice that they can bring happiness
    to someone else.:)

  6. I couldn't raise anything I would have to give away or eat, I am too big of a softie, lol.
    I think it is wonderful that he bought them for his dad and knowing how much joy and purpose it will bring to his life.


  7. I don't even know what to say...bittersweet maybe?


  8. Oh Wendy, what a wonderful woman you are, being upset over your chicks leaving the nest. I'm so happy that they found a home to spend the rest of their days in rather than coming to an untimely end. I have told my hubby that we can't have any farm critters here to raise for meat as I could NEVER eat anything I had named! He said just call it a chicken and I said no, if I called it Chicken, that would be it's name and so I could never eat the poor thing :O) So I understand completely and am sending you lots of hugs, Deb

  9. I just have a feeling that they have gone to a good home where they will be happy & receive loving care & attention.

  10. You are a girl after my own heart. Kindred sisters we are. I know they have a good home and will be good company for the elderly fella. I bet he will love them just as much.

  11. Awww...Wendy you are as big of a softie as I am..silly how we fall in love with all our critters be it our Kitty's, or Pups or even our Hens and Roosters! 'But ya know somehow I think the Good lord lent them to us to help us learn about unconditional love..and when we do and they have to leave they take a sliceof us with them..what ever the critter they might be. I raised Shelties for 30 yrs and every put that left took a little slice of my heart with them..
    I think its cool that an elserly masn got them..Oh how much joy will he have tending to there needs and they to his!

    Fall Blessings

  12. Aww..WEndy you're as big of a softie as I am. Isn't it funny how attached we get to our critters be it our Kitty's our Pups, our bunny's even our hens and Roosters. I think the good lord gives them to us to teach us unconditional love! then when they have to leave they take a little slice of us with them. I raised Shelties for 30 years and evey one of them took a little slice of me with them when they left.
    I think it is so cool that an elderly man got them..what fun he will have tending to there needs and them to his!



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