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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My swap from Tricia, Friday pickin and yummy treats

Good morning all!

Hope today finds you happy and healthy...my favorite weatherman, our son Drew, is predicting highs today in the 90s.  Gonna be another scorcher without rain....we need rain badly.  I may have to resort to doing a rain dance pretty soon - and there is nothing pretty about that - lol

First off, I'd like to ask for prayers for my Mom and Dad.  They have both fallen in the last couple weeks.  Mom is still using a walker to get around.  Dad it seems, keeps having these dizzy spells..and he had one last Friday, which resulted in a fall.  It is so hard to watch my parents grow old.  

Saturday when we returned home from my parents, there was a package waiting for me.  It was my Christmas in July goodie box from Tricia over at Hillcrest Home Prims!  Tricia found out about the swap a little too late for sign-ups, but I wanted to do the swap with her anyway, so we decided to exchange goodies.  I sent her package out a day late, so she hasn't received it yet, but look at the wonderful goodies she sent me!

Mr. Snowman is simply ADORABLE!  I love him!

A cute mouse,  a few more snowmen, mittens and candy cane ornies.
I sure was spoiled by Tricia - she's a very special lady.  Thank you for the bottom of my heart Tricia!
 As many of you know, she is dealing with breast cancer right now....Quite a while back, I placed a pink tree on my sidebar in her honor and also for Karen of Prims Gone Wild.  They are both in our thoughts and prayers as they deal with this beast every day.  Please feel free to show your support and prayers for them by placing the tree on your blog!

Friday I did a little antiquing on my own.  There was a show in a nearby town, so I hopped in the car early and made my way over. I stopped at a sale a couple of roads over first, and nabbed a few neat things.  It was a hot day, but luckily most of the vendors were inside, so I didn't have to be out in that sun the whole time.  What fun I had browsing and snatching up a few goodies.  Wanna see what I got.....
I got the little side table for the guest room I just redid...shined it up with some Old English oil and it looks great.  The footed basket is in great shape and obviously old, but it was only $5!  I picked up the mirror because I loved the patina on the old oak frame.  I got the adorable green scale, the old wagon...another steal..and an old coverlet that was in great shape!  I have been wanting one for so long...it's my first full size wool coverlet and I'm so excited to finally have one!

Last week I also whipped up a batch of blackberry jam.  There are a ton of berry bushes around the perimeter of our yard, and Mr. Whimzie picked a bunch for me to make jam with.  I did use my food mill to remove alot of the seeds, and was happy to get 8 jars of yummy jam.
Made these "Triple Surprise" cookie bar yesterday.  I'm posting the recipe on our family food blog, The Crow's Crusty Loaf.  Since it has been so hot, I didn't want to leave the oven on too long...these take about 20 minutes to bake and are Oh So Tasty!  Head on over to nab the recipe now!  Your family will love them.
After doing a few things around here this morning, I am heading to our old house (Drew's place now) this afternoon.  There is a pool and air conditioning there and I am going to make the most of them on this hot day!  Stay cool everyone! 


  1. Hi, Wendy~ doing a rain dance with you~ giggles~
    Wonderful goodies from Tricia~Seriously terrific finds~ love them all~ Jam looks yummy~
    Saying prayers for Your Mom & Dad~

  2. Your parents are in my prayers and on our Church prayer list.


  3. Afternoon Friend
    Great post today.
    Lovin all your cool treasures from the sale. Especially the awesome coverlet.
    What a sweetie Tricia is. She is in my thoughts and prayers. Ive been doing the rain dance and got two storms. You should try it.
    Hugs & JOY


  4. Your post is 'making me want to craft, shop and eat! Yumm. So sorry to hear about your folks and those dealing with cancer, they are in my thoughts.

  5. Hello Wendy, great swap goodies you got, sweet snowmman. Also wonderful items from the sale, love the coverlet,basket,everything. Mmmmmm, surprize cookies. Prayers sent up for your Mom,Dad, Tricia and Karan. Blessings Francine.

  6. Wonderful finds and a great swap! Sorry about your parents. It is VERY hard to watch them change. Stay cool in ths heat!

  7. Hi Wendy:

    My best to your folks. Hope they are back to normal in no time. Tricia sent you some beautiful swap goodes! Lucky gal!!! The little snow girl is awesome!


  8. Love your new swap goodies Wendy. I'm wishing your folks and those struggleing with cancer a speedy recovery.

  9. I made some blackberry jam a couple of weeks ago along with some blueberry, but the blueberry ended up pretty runny :(, oh well, fruit spread not jam I guess!

    Love your treasures from Tricia, she is such a sweet gal.


  10. What nice goodies you have received. Such a great idea for a swap.I wish I could have joined, but we have been away.
    Try to stay cool.Will say a prayer for your parents.
    Blessings ~Sara

  11. Hi Wendy, very nice swap package there. I am so looking forward to getting mine, I love Christmas!
    Keeping your mom and dad in my prayers as are Tricia and Karen and their cancer battles.
    Be blessed

  12. Wendy, you know that I am praying for your parents. I am so happy that you love all your goodies I sent you.
    Thanks again for having me as your partner.I did get your package yesterday and emailed you. I was jumping up and down and had the biggest smile on my face. You spoiled me. I am going to make a post today and show off my wonderful homemade goodies to everyone.
    Hugs my Friend,
    Tricia XO


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