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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guest Room Redo Reveal

Well, a redo wouldn't be complete without the before and after pictures, so I'll try my best to coordinate them....with a few of the "during redo" stage thrown in.   This guest room is off the dining room, and it began with some old, dated wallpaper....in the corner a furnace vent was covered with three layers of wallpaper....nothing else.  The paper was peeling in places and really needed to go.  I wanted the room to be completed before Mr. Whimzie's mom comes to visit in August.

The new color of the room is actually called baked bread, a creamy tan/wheat...but it isn't showing up in this picture.                                                                                                         

Remember the old blue cabinet I found at an estate sale a few months ago?  I painted it black, with a red interior and it looks great in this room.

These two walls were a mess....I had to re-plaster a lot of the area.

Those with sharp eyes may notice that the corner with the duct isn't completed yet...the Mister has the wood cut and I need to paint it and put it up...it will look much better.

I'm wishing the paint color was a little darker.....but I'm going to live with it for a while before I decide to repaint.

 Thought I would also share with you some pictures of a couple of things I created for myself lately.

Mr. Whimzie is taking 1/2 a day off today and we are heading over to our son, Scott's house to pick up our 'grand-puppy' Moose, who will be staying with us while 'mom and dad' go on a little trip for the next week.....but don't worry....I'm having them pay us back....they are coming here to watch all our critters while we go away in August.

Wishing you blessings on your day!


  1. It looks so nice! Great guest room, truly a place to relax.

  2. I think your new room turned out lovely Wendy.


  3. Your guest room looks great! It's no fun removing old wallpaper!!Have fun with Moose ;)

  4. Lovely ... and restful! Love your choice of bed linens.

  5. You've been so busy! Your guest room turned out really nice and inviting. MIL might not want to leave! Your new pieces turned out really great. The rooster looks like it would be challenge--all that turning and stuffing little nooks and crannys! ~Roberta

  6. Oh Wendy the room is so pretty! I love how the dresser turned out! I love the rooster and uncle sam, you are so creative. thanks for sharing. Have fun with your grandpuppy!
    Be blessed,

  7. Love the redo Wendy.... You really made it into a beautiful room!

  8. Beautiful room for your guests.
    Very cozy. Love the American Roo too.
    And handsome Uncle Sam.
    Great job busy chickie pal :)


  9. What a lot of hard work and I have to say it payed off. The room looks gorgeous Wendy. You did a really good job. Your creations are beautiful. The rooster looks so proud all dressed up. I think that it's so wonderful when people who are talented artists create things for themselves too. Thanks for sharing. -Steph-


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