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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chicken Fever & A Thank you to Kendra

As promised, I am posting some updated pictures of my chickens.  They are growing so fast, it is just amazing.
 This second picture is a special one for my chickie pal, Trace of Granny Trace Scraps & Squares.  I just loved her post last week of one of her chicks 'dressed' up, so I wanted to play along...what do you think Trace?

The next couple of pictures are of my newest chicks...just got them in the last week.  I had intended to only have a few more, but my Dad called and told me that someone had ordered chicks at his store, Country Max, but never came to get them, and they needed to go....so could I take some...being the chickie addict that I seem to be becoming...I said sure..why not.  Mr. Whimzie rolled his eyes at the prospect of having more, but he didn't object too loudly, so I made the drive up there yesterday to pick up 6 more.  Aren't they adorable??  The littlest ones are Blue Laced Wyandottes...gorgeous chickens.  I'm sure you'll be seeing more of them as they grow.

Now, you will recall my post last week about all the wonderful goodies that Kendra sent me on our most recent swap....but she wasn't quite finished yet...and another package came yesterday!  It wasn't addressed to me though...it was addressed to our dog, Jack.  Imagine!  I opened it up for Jack, because he is only 3 and still too young to handle a knife himself...and what do you think....Kendra included a big box of homemade doggie biscuits for Jack.  Also included was a cute sheep card from Kendra's boys, thanking me for the Tootsie pops I included for them in my swap package to Kendra.  (You can see more of what I sent Kendra by clicking HERE)  I had sent her doggie, CJ a few goodies and she wanted to return the favor.
Jack says WOOF WOOF...which, in Doganese, means ...THANK YOU KENDRA!

I just finished, cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the wood floors, and making oatmeal cookies for the Mr. and will be packing up some to take over to Drew & Maria's house in a little while.  I miss making cookies for my boys!

Have a blessed day everyone!


  1. Jack looks very excited about his nummy cookies..smile..Kendra sent my dogs some awhile back and the loved them.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Afternoon Wendy Friend!
    Heavens to Betsy! Your chickie ROCKS!
    Just love it. Great job..
    You've got chicken fever tooo..lol
    Hugs Trace


  3. Oh....I love me my little chickies!! I am so, so, tempted!! I tried to view Trace's video of her dressed up chick, but can't for some reason....Love your patriotic chick!! And what a sweet photo of Jack - how thoughtful of Kendra!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Jack, you are so welcome. Hope you like them!

    I told Jene that I wanted some chicks the other day...he promptly replied "NO!". We'll see :)


  5. Ha ha, I love the dressed up chickie. How cute. It sounds so nice to have some homemade cookies. I just bet my family would love some. Great idea:) Jack is cute. That's so nice of Kendra to send him some specail treats of his own. -Steph-

  6. Oh my!!!! Absolutely love the outfit for the chicken!! I love any thing Americana and he is fabulous in that. So cute. We raised chicken for a little bit. When our children were young and we home-schooled, we hatched eggs as a science fair project. We got mostly males out of it but it sure was an experience. Thanks for sharing and giving me a smile today. Blessings ~Sara

  7. AWWWWWWWWWWWW... I love your Chic's They are adorable and to Cute the little Americana dressed up Chic...
    We only had two Chic's hatch this year...lol...after built that big coop for the new arrivals.. Oh well next year maybe more!
    cute pick of you fur baby too!!

    Have a great week!


  8. Wendy,

    Too cute..the chicks and Jack too! My son and his girl have chickens....we use to get eggs all the time....he hasn't brought any in awhile...but nothing beats farm fresh.


  9. Love your little chicks!! Wish I could raise chickens. I guess I would have to move out to the country to do that and I don't see that happening anytime soon. Have a wonderful day!


  10. I voted for your little patriot!! What a neat idea!!!Check out my new giveaway! Its a pretty nice deal, for you and a friend...

  11. That is the cutest chick, I have ever seen and the only one I have ever seen dressed up. TOo cuTe!

  12. I'm envious! I love the free range chicken eggs. After having them at my in-laws they're pretty much the only kind I buy now, even though they cost a lot more at the store! ~Roberta


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