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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tricia's Results are in................

I had to hop on this evening and give you a link to Angie's (Just a Lil Raggedy) post telling us of the results of Tricia's biopsy.  You'll want to hurry on over to read how Tricia is doing...so click HERE to read all about the Power of Prayer!   We will continue to pray for Tricia...and I'm leaving Tricia's Tree up until her treatments are all completed.  Thanks to everyone who has added Tricia's Tree to your blog - I know how much she appreciates our thoughts and prayers.  Bless you! 


  1. Oh, I need to hop over there and see, thank you for posting this. Also, thank you for the tree picture that we can all put on our blog to show our support for our sweet blog friend, that is very kind of you! I appreciate it~

  2. Hi, Wendy~
    Wonderful idea~ I am going to put it on my sidebar~
    hugs to you~ and many thoughts & prayers for Tricia~


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