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Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's been a while...........

WOW, has it really been nearly two weeks since I made a real post?!  Time flies!  My computer is still dead, but new parts have been ordered and it shouldn't be too long before it is back up and running.  Mr. Whimzie's trip to Florida on business went well.  I didn't get nearly as many things accomplished as I had hoped...isn't that always the way?  I did manage to get the wainscotting in the kitchen all painted, as well as the hall and basement door.  I also rearranged my large display shelves in the carriage room.  I've been working hard on some rabbits for Ebay and Etsy.  This adorable guy is now up for auction on my Ebay.  I hope to have more pictures ready to show you soon.
Robbie Rabbit (Inspired by a Soft in the Head Pattern)
This weekend the boys and their lovely wives came over.  We had a blast visiting, playing games and eating way too much yummy food.  Spaghetti & Meatballs Friday, Pulled chicken sliders with slaw and Valentine cupcakes on Saturday.  After a breakfast of French Toast this morning, we had planned to have what has become our bi-annual CHOPPED competition.  Each couple chose an item to bring for the basket, then as couples, we created an appetizer for tasting by the other 4.  We had a fun time slaving away on our concoctions and the Mister and I were VERY surprised to learn that we won!  I thought our creation wasn't good at all, but loved the wonderful ideas the kids came up with. It's always fun!

Mr. Whimzie and I have both come down with rotten colds...but we still managed to keep up with the kids this weekend.

Overnight we received our first real snowfall of the year...it looked more like Christmas eve after Mass last night...with lovely puffy flakes.  On the way to church, we nearly were in a big accident.  There was a sheet of ice on the roads under the snow and the 4 cars in front of us were not well equipped for the conditions and started slipping and sliding...it was a bit dicey there for a few moments, as they tried to regain control and not go off the road (like the person in the ditch on the other side).  Luckily all was well, and we breathed a big sigh of relief as we continued on down the road at a much slower speed.  We received 8+ inches of lovely white stuff....and it is very cold...but I am thinking SPRING as I bought these cheery primroses home the other day and created this arrangement for the island in the kitchen!

 I wanted to remind all of you of the great PAFA Spring giveaway starting soon over at the PAFA Blog.  It is all part of the PAFA Spring Celebration, which will feature lots of new Spring items for sale from our group of Primitive & Folk Artists group.  The giveaway starts on February 14th. Come back here on Tuesday for a link to all the wonderful items being given away.   More info to come soon on the PAFA Etsy Celebration.

Tomorrow I have to run in the morning to help at church at a bereavement luncheon...then back here to hopefully finish up the rest of my rabbits and get them listed for sale.   I will be back in the next few days to share a couple of swaps with you and introduce you to a WONDERFUL new friend I have made...until then...have a wonderful Valentine's Day and may your days be filled with lots of love and blessings.


  1. Hi Wendy!
    Your bunny is adorable!!!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.
    I love the chopped idea ~ it's also one of my favorite shows to watch.
    Thank God your o.k. that's what I'm always afraid of ~ the other guy.
    Looking forward to your other creations.
    Prim Blessings

  2. Good morning Wendy~
    All that snow sounds lovely and thankfully you all are ok.
    Your family time sounded like lots of fun. The new rabbit is adorable!
    Hope you and hubby get to feeling better soon.

  3. Glad you avoided the accident.I try to stay home on snow days as I almost wrecked 2 years ago.The bunny is sweet.Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Wendy, So glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend with family. Sounds like you had lots of great food and fun. SNOW... I am so jealous. I was tickled pink that we got cold temps for the next few days. I so love winter. Don't look like I will see any white stuff this winter. Here in the south, if we get a dusting everything shuts down. So glad you were not in the accident and are safe. Love, love the rabbit, great job. Enjoy your day and stay warm.

  5. Wendy,

    Cute bunny. I can skip all the way through the rest of the winter right to spring. Thankfully you didn't end up in the ditch too. Hate traveling when the weather is bad. Nice that you had a good time with your kids.

    Have a great day.


  6. hope you feel better soon Wendy. Glad you were not in an accident. Your primroses are soooo pretty.


  7. Awwwwh, that rabbit is adorable. I wish we would get A LITTLE snow, at least. Oh, well. Maybe we're next.
    The primrose arrangement is adorable.

  8. Sweet rabbit! You know I love him! Hope your computer get's better soon and you and Mr. Whimmzie too!

  9. Happy Valentines day~ Adorable bunny~


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