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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 9 - Twelve Days of Christmas Share-a-thon

Good afternoon ladies!  Time is certainly flying by...I can't believe we are already up to Post #9!  I hope you have been enjoying these crafts and recipes.  If you happen to make any of them, I'd love to see your pictures, and I'll share them on my blog too!

Day 9 - Homemade Holiday Garland
I have made a few of these garlands over the years, and most recently included one in a swap package I sent out.  You will have to decide how long you want your garland.  Once you do, you will need the following items:

Sturdy rusty or black wire - no thin stuff!
a variety of acorns, pine cones or other seed pods
dried orange slices 
(I always make a lot...they are great to use in crafts or as bowl fillers)
pine garland, cut into separate pieces
1/2 yard homespun fabric
Drill with small bit

Collect all of your items.  You will need to do some prep work before stringing your garland.  First, take your acorns and drill a hole through the bottom portion...if the tops fall off while doing this, just reattach them with some hot glue. (See collage photo below) Next, drill a hole in each of your seed pods and at the top and thickest part of each pine cone. 

How many of each you will need depends on the length of the garland you are planning to make.  I like to do quite a few of each and/or keep the drill handy if I need more.  Next, tear your fabric into 1 inch strips, then cut these into strips that are about 8" long...you will need quite a few, but this also depends on how long your garland is.  Once your prep work is all done, you can start to assemble your garland.

Take your wire and make a loop at one end, wrapping the extra bit of wire around the length of wire, to make a hanging loop.  Now comes the fun part...start stringing your garland elements onto the wire...I like to create a pattern, such as one acorn, one seed pod, one acorn, two orange slices, one pine cone, two orange slices, and repeating until I have the items strung to the length I want PLUS one foot of extra wire.  It will seem like you have a lot of empty wire, but once you add the garland and homespun ribbons, it will be used up.  Make another loop in the wire at this end, so that your elements stay on. 

  Once all the hard elements are strung, you will go back and take your garland pieces, wrapping them around the wire loosely and evenly down the garland.  Do the same with the strips of fabric.  The more you add, the fuller the garland will be. 

Enjoy your new Garland!  Hang above a doorway or set atop a prim cupboard.
See you tomorrow for more fun ideas!


  1. Have to search out some little pine cones ours are huge! xx

  2. Love this garland! Thanks for sharing all the great ideas. Too late for me to make any for this year, but I am keeping a list of your ideas for next year.Have a great evening
    Olde Crow Mercantile

  3. Prim Perfect!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Prim Blessings

  4. What beautiful garland I just love. My girlfriends and I made some with jute and fabric..But I just love yours. Awesome..I love dried oranges.
    Hugs to you Friend


  5. Another great tut Wendy! How do you find the time to do all these?
    Happy Holidays,

  6. oh my goodness Wendy, what cute garlands!! I would love to make one of these if time allows, I have a very big to do list to work on hehe.
    Have a great day~Stacy

  7. Very sweet Wendy - will have to start collecting supplies for next year. (Unfortunately, all acorns, pods, and cones, are now buried under white stuff here in Nod!) I even like the looks of it without the fabric and pine....Lots of possibilities. Thanks, again, for sharing a great how-to! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Beautiful Wendy, I love all the dried naturals and nuts, you can't do better than the gifts from Mother Nature. I should have done more 'harvesting' before the snow flew, I can't find any of the pine cones, etc. under the snow now! Thanks so much for the tutorial, this is so much fun! Deb

  9. I love it. I just recieved a bucket full of black walnuts and this gave me an idea, im going to try and make a garland with them. We have no snow yet and there is tons of acorns in the yard. Thanks.


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