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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 10 - Twelve Days of Christmas Share-a-thon

Wow, Day 10 already...and I still have a lot more to share with you...but most will have to wait until another time.  Today I have been busy sewing curtains for our 'parlor'...I ended up cutting the fabric wrong and now they are little short, and I have wasted fabric, but I think the addition of some trim on the bottom will solve the problem....and I tried to hard to measure, measure, measure before I cut....ho hum.
  Anyway, on to 

Day 10 - Primitive Snowballs

Foam Balls (any size you want-it's fun to use few different sizes)
Drywall compound (available at hardware or Walmart stores)
Mica Flakes, Glass Glitter or regular glitter

Roll your foam balls on the counter to "compact" them. Thoroughly stir the joint compound. Use your hands and fingers to press the compound onto the foam...you're going to get your hands all gooey, but that's half the fun!  The balls don't have to be even or pretty - that's what makes them PRIM!  Once you are happy with the way they look, set them on some foil and allow the joint compound to harden.
Let dry overnight.
Dampen your hands a bit and rub them over the balls to smooth the rough edges a bit.
Now, using your foil as a work surface,  pour some glitter into a plastic bowl.  Use a sponge brush topcoat your balls with a nice layer of Modgepodge, then roll the balls in the glitter flakes.  Set on your work surface to dry.  You are done!

Here are just some of the uses for these prim snowballs...use smaller balls to fill up a mason jar or put in with some Christmasy potpourri or fixins.  Add to a wood bowl or basket with some greenery or pip berries. Set them on a shelf with some of your snowman collectibles! They are a great addition to your winter decorating!

Time to say goodnight all - sleep well!  See you tomorrow!


  1. Hey Wendy, if you have a pocket rod at the top
    and not tabs, you might be able to undo it and
    then add more material for the rod and ruffle,
    (if you have a ruffle) to the back of the curtain....The add on seam will be where there would have been a seam below the rod, anyway.
    Now days they are not having a ruffle at the top of the curtains....If I remember right, I did this with one of my curtains.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  2. I like this one!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Prim Blessings

  3. So cool. What a fun craft to do with my Granny's.
    Thanks for sharing another wonderful Christmas project.
    Hugs Trace


  4. Hi there~
    Love this snowball idea! Thanks for sharing.
    Big hugs~Stacy

  5. I had some curtains that shrunk really bad one time and I added fringe to the bottom and everyone keeps saying how they like them better that way! Good luck, the snowballs are awesome, keep wanting to make some of those!

  6. Hi Wendy,
    I made some of these the other day. Only I did not have styrofoam balls and used crumpled up newspaper. I just crumpled the paper into a ball and applied the joint compound ~ it worked great and was much cheapper.
    I've done the same thing with curtains!!!!! I just took the seam out of the top where the rod pocket was and added a new pocket to extend the curtain. They looked fine.
    See ya tomarrow.

  7. My hubby is going to die when he sees these...he's to the point where he doesn't even ask anymore : ). I was thinking the other day about what I could put in the jars above my cabinets for Christmas, I have rusty bells, "snow", and Christmas ornies...now I will have snowballs. I think we have some drywall mud left over from a house we just finished! Kendra

  8. Wendy, I would of never thought to use drywall compound... So much easier then papermache! I will need to make afew of these! Thanks for sharing!! OLM

  9. Another great tut. I wish i had time to try them all for this year. Im going to print them all so i have them and can do them for next year.
    Thanks Linda

  10. Ha, I'm thinking snowballs won't work for my Christmas. xx

  11. Another "so wanna do!" I have some fake snowballs I bought several years ago and LOVE them - am always wishing I had more, but haven't seen them again. Now I can make some (ok, well, next Christmas....) Thanks Wendy! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  12. I love the snowballs! What a great old-timey look! Thanks for all the tutorials. Your curtain-sewing experience sounds like something I'd do. I'm sure they'll look perfect with the trim and that's such a popular decorating look--you might like it more than the original design! Have a good weekend. ~Roberta

  13. Hello Wendy-
    Aren't these fun to make? I've been making these for a few years now. I put mine in a clear plastic bag, tie the end and put a tag that says "Never Melting Snowballs" and I give them for gifts. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. I think I'd make a snowman using this pattern...just make 3 different sizes then connect them with wire while they're wet...hmmmm... it's a thought anyway. :0)


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