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Monday, October 3, 2011

So much to share today! Recipes, Kitten's name, a giveaway received and Exciting News!

Good morning dear friends!  I have so much to share today!  We had a lovely weekend which started with dinner at the newlyweds on Friday evening, our local high school football game and then a fun-filled weekend, which ended on a Wonderful note! 

First off, we have decided to call our new kitten Smidgen!  I actually had a couple people submit that name so I will be sending a little something off to Lisa at  The Moonlit Stitch and Mindy at Raymond Homestead.  Gals, please send me an email with your home addy so I can send you a goodie.  Thanks to all of you who submitted names...I had a very hard time deciding!

This morning I posted some new recipes on our recipe blog, The Crow's Crusty Loaf.  Just in time for all that Fall produce from the garden, I have posted a recipe for Stuffed Green Peppers.  For those of you with a sweet tooth, there is also a great recipe for Apple Cider Donuts.  Why not head on over, check out our recipes, and become a follower today.

Saturday I made Apple Cider Donuts in the morning, then we went car shopping with our oldest son, Scott and his wife, Steph.  We spent the better part of the afternoon test driving and wheeling and dealing....they ended up purchasing a beautiful red Dodge Journey...and will be picking it up next weekend.  We went out to celebrate with dinner at our favorite pub, Parkers, in Auburn, then headed home.  Drew & Maria came over to spend the night as well, so we played games and visited.  After church on Sunday, we all traveled the hour to see my aunt in the nursing home.  She loved seeing the kids and meeting Drew's wife, Maria, for the first time.  When we returned home, I stuck a ham and some scalloped taters in the oven and my parents showed up for a visit!  What fun we all had sitting around our big dining room table visiting and eating.  It was a pretty quiet evening after everyone left to go home.....that is.....until the phone rang.........

and who do you think it was?

Drew & Maria

We had just said goodbye to them an hour or so before, but it seems they had plans to run home and call her parents first......with the wonderful news that, yes, they are expecting!  They are so excited and when they told us, Mr. Whimzie was practically dancing around the room (not a pretty site - lol).  We are all so happy for them and can't wait to welcome our first grandchild!  (The picture I posted above was taken by their good friend, Danica Clark, for Indiana.  She is an excellent photographer and I would highly recommend her if you live in northern Indiana.)  She took these photos of them when they visited her on their way home from their honeymoon in early July.)

Lastly, as I'm sure you are tired of reading my post by now...I wanted to share a picture of the great giveaway goodies I received Friday afternoon from Angie at Just A Lil Raggedy.  I had won her giveaway a little while back and I just love all that she sent me!  Thanks so much Angie! 
Angie sent me some great fabric, prim pumpkins and witch's hat, prim candy corn and a Frankie tuck..he's adorable.  She included them all and this great candle tin too!  Thanks Angie

Enjoy your day everyone!  I'm off to finish wallpapering my kitchen. 
*Warm Harvest Blessings*


  1. O what a great weekend and super exciting news Congrats ! I m glad you like your goodies ! have fun with the wallpaper ! Love the new name as well ! Have a great day ! hugs lilraggeydangie

  2. What a splendid weekend you had!!! What wonderful news too!! Congratulations.

  3. Wendy, what a fantastic weekend you had. Filled with all kinds of happiness. The best of all though is the news about your new grandchild. My first grandchild was born this year in February and its amazing the joy he/she brings! Congratulations and blessings,
    Cat Haven Crafts

  4. Wonderful~ Joyous news~ Congrats to the Marie & Drew & of course Grandma & Grandpa!!! WHat a terrific weekend!!
    Smidgen is so cute!!Purrr~

  5. WOOOOHOOOO How wonderful for you dear grandma!
    And Maria and you son too of course..
    I love Smidgen too.
    Happy Happy JOY JOY!
    Hugs Trace

  6. Wonderful news! Congratulations to all!
    Love your new kitties name!

  7. Hi Wendy.. Sounds like oone of those weekend filled with warm fuzzy Memory's to tuck away for future reference..
    Congrats on the Baby news.. How exciting!
    Smidgin is the perfect naem and differnt too.. I love it.. Smidgen is adorable!!
    Great goodies from LiL Ragadgy Angie.. she is such a sweetie and always seend the greatest gifts..

    Have a Great Week my friend!!


  8. Congrats Wendy! What a wonderful weekend you had and Smidgen is soooo cute!
    Autumn Blessings,

  9. Congrats Wendy !!Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. Smidgen is adorable! Hugs,Jen

  10. Well, that will be one weekend that's hard to top! What wonder and joy! Congratulations to you and Mr. RWP on becoming grands and to Drew and Maria - no specialer time ever....So glad Smidgen has a name - and a cute one at that....Congrats to Mindy and Lisa!! And fun, fun, stuff from the bestest little raggedy around....you lucked out getting bunches of her own hand-made goodies...Know you're gonna love them!! Now...stay calm and wallpaper! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Yeah you're gonna be a grandma and I'm sure you'll be a wonderful one too.


  12. Oh Wendy! What a wonderful weekend with family - and then how can you top it off any better! Congratulations!!!!!!! Love your goodies from Angie too! Life is good! ~*~Lisa


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