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Monday, September 5, 2011

My $10 cabinet, the State Fair and the New Falling for Fall Challenge!

I have so much to share with you lovely ladies today!  It's been a while since I made a real post...things continue to be very busy at our new home.  We're still moving things over from the old house and also redoing some things along the way.  I promised a picture of my $10 china cabinet...it's not prim, but more Victorian,  and I will most likely sell it soon (after touching up a few places on it)...but for $10 I figured it was worth trying to sell on Craig's list...to make some money for the kind of cabinet I would like once I redo the dining room.

Saturday Mr. Whimzie drove the whole clan (me, our sons and their wives) to the great New York State Fair.  We had a grand time, even if it was 90 degrees and very humid!  We ate sausages, cheese-steaks, huge plates of curly cut french fries, warm, cinnamon/sugar fried doughs, drank wine slushies and saw lots of interesting sites.  Below are just a few of the many pictures I took! 

The Sand Sculpture - a Memorial to the victims of 9-11

I LOVE this hooked rug!

Pig Roast at one of the vendors

Anvil cloud at the end of the day - there's Drew, our meteorologist, taking a picture

 Tomorrow I will be posting about a new Family Food Blog we are creating, so stay tuned for a link to that.  It will feature tried and true recipes with pictures, of foods either I or our sons and their wives have made....lots of yummy stuff will be posted...but I'll tell you more about that blog when we are up and running tomorrow.

I have been hinting for quite a while about a NEW CHALLENGE.  Well, today is the day I will be unveiling the pattern and I will be calling this the

Falling for Fall Challenge

This challenge will work much the same as the Bunny Challenge I hosted back in the Spring, but this time I am providing a fairly generic pattern, and it is up to you to make it into a doll that reflects Fall.
Some interesting ideas might be:
a prim Fall Annie doll,
a scarecrow, 
perhaps a witch, 
a skeleton or 
some other Halloween ghoul. 

You are free to enlarge, decrease and alter the pattern to make it fit your ideas and I am hoping to see lots of creative additions.  Since this is not a pattern for any specific creation, it will be a TON of fun to see what you all come up with.  As with the last challenge, I will highlight your creations on a PictureTrail album, which I will place on my blog when the pictures start coming in.  There are just a few simple rules to follow to join in the fun:

1.  Make a comment on this post telling me you would like to join;

2.  Make your creation and get a picture to me on or before October 14th, so that I can feature them on the Picture Trail album I will create;
3. Agree not to sell my pattern for profit.  You may sell items you make from my pattern, but you must give me credit as the creator of the pattern.

Remember - this is a challenge just for the fun of it and although I would like to see the finished product, if you cannot complete your creation in time, I won't think any less of you. 
I call this a challenge because each of you have a different style and so many great ideas, and it is fun to see what we can create on our own.

Good luck on the Challenge - I hope you will join in the fun!

Click on the Link below to get the PDF pattern for the Falling for Fall Challenge


  1. Wendy, I love your $10.00 cabinet, I would never get rid of it, it is beautiful! I love all of your fair photo's. I just love country fairs. Hugs, Lecia

  2. Looks like a great time at the Fair! Never heard of "wine slushies" . . . sounds yummy!

  3. The Fall Challenge sounds like fun. Count me in.

  4. That is an incredible cabinet for $10!! Holy smokes!! You should be able to turn a very nice profit I would think! I enjoyed the photos of the fair too - I haven't gotten to go to our local fairs the last several years - and miss it in many ways....Funny how even "fair food" varies from region to region - wine slushies - really??? And sausages??? We feast on corn dogs, roasted corn, cheese curds, etc. Yummm!!! Wish I were crafty enough to sign on to a challenge - but, alas, am not. Will be looking forward to what others come up with though.....Hope you had a happy holiday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. I want to try too! :D Sounds like fun!

  6. Love the cabinet. Count me in on the challenge. I had a blast doing the last one.

  7. looks like a great time at the fair. I can't wait for fair season to come to Maine. Fair food just seems to taste so good...LOL!!!

  8. Wow loved the pics of the fair the sand sculpture breathtaking and O that punched rug OMG ! Count me in on that challenge , sounds like fun! have a great day ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  9. What a handsome cabinet - and for $10?!
    You CLEVER "craigster"! Well done :-)

    No matter the age or time period of a piece it's grand to be one of the caretakers, to be a part of the history of hands that keeps it safe. To be yet another in the line of people who keeps it cared for, repaired and safe until the next person who loves it comes along....
    There it waits, safe with you for its next new family and home....

    I love your pics of the fair - so neat! Note to self: must visit the state fair in the next few years.

    (and wine slushee sounds perfectly suited to a fair - no spillage amid the crowds, lol)

    Crow is right - how interessting (and odd) it is how varied 'fair foods' are by region. Here it's oodles of baked everything. And grape this 'n that is everywhere. And everyone guarantees me it's all low cal, roflmao.....

  10. just love your cabinet Wendy. I too would keep it...I love victorian as well! I would like to join in the challenge...I'm envisioning many things!!


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