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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Picture Loaded Post!

Another busy week is at an end...but the coming week should be a lot less hectic.  We may even get back to a normal routine around here...wouldn't that be wonderful.  It's amazing to me how much I miss just doing the ole humdrum daily routine....With the move and the big party, company and lots of other things going on the last few weeks, I am so looking forward to some normalcy! 

We continue to try to get settled in our new home....still lots of boxes to unpack and 'stuff' to put up on walls/shelves to make it home...but it's coming along.  I actually had time to make a yummy spaghetti dinner tonight with fresh Italian bread and a spinach salad.

  As promised, I got some pictures from my dear friend of the reception last week for our son, Drew & his new wife, Maria. 
My brother Jon, chatting it up with our son, Scott & his wife, Stephanie

Drew & Maria visiting with guests

Guests looking at the wedding album

My best buddy, Jeanne, who took the pictures - Thanks girl!

The cake I made for the reception.  The topper was hand crafted by Maria out of clay and hand painted by her as well.  Why the foxes?  They both have loved foxes since they were little.

How lucky to have TWO wedding cakes - yummy - there was only the topper left of this big cake at the end of the reception.  I was disappointed I only got a small piece.

On Friday, I traveled along Route 20 (a lovely drive) to the annual Madison/Bouckville antique fest with our son, Scott & his wife.  It is a 40 year old tradition here in central New York State, and is held in the tiny town of Bouckville, NY.  There are several antique shops in the area, but when this festival occurs, well over 1,000 vendors fill the fields and streets surrounding the town and offer a feast for the eyes....of course, attending isn't go great for the wallet or the legs after an entire day of walking around.  We were overwhelmed with the number of tents and vendors, and at times didn't know which way to turn next !  I bought a couple of cute little crocks, a table for Mr. Whimzies' bedside (no more box for him), a few lovely colored bottles and a small tin.  I think I was too overwhelmed with all that was offered for sale to make any huge purchases...although I did see a lovely pie safe I wanted badly...maybe next year.  Here's a few pictures of some of the goodies we saw.
I wanted that middle crock on the top so much - but couldn't justify $185 for it!  Yikes

This is a picture of just one of the 100 or so rows of vendors.

Scott checking out one of the booths

This guy was so cute, I just had to take a picture to share with you.

 Hope you enjoyed all the pictures.  I will definitely be going back to the antique fest next year.  All this fun and it only cost $4 to park!  What a wonderful way to spend the day! 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 

 * Blessings*
What a lovely day!         


  1. You have been a busy, busy, gal! Glad you'll have a little breathing room now....and you at least found some fun along the way! The cake you made for Drew and Maria was gorgeous! Must have tasted as good as it looked too if there wasn't any left! And that antique fest looks like heaven - but I probably would have been overwhelmed too as you said....sometimes, it's sensory overload and I go into paralysis mode!! Have a great week ahead! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. What fun you have been having and what a great antique festival!!

  3. Wonderful photos friend. I love the picture of the newlyweds cutting the cake. You are blessed.
    How exciting getting settled in your new home and tiring. You are a trooper. Beauitful cake too.
    Hugs Trace

  4. And you are a cake-maker too! What a proud mamma you must be! The fair pics are delicious too...gosh I would love to go to a large one like that, but I would have to go alone as I tend to wander and my sidekicks get worn out LOL! Thanks for sharing Wendy! ~*~Lisa

  5. Wendy, Wonderful pictures, but your cake was beautiful!!!! OLM


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