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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My heart is skippin' for OLM

Good afternoon all - hope today finds you happy!  Marie over at Primitives by Olde Lady Morgan is having a great giveaway - and she wants whoever enters to do something special - "Blog about what makes our heart skip a beat".  What a fun way to mix up the usual giveaway and learn something new about our friends.  While pondering what makes my heart skip a beat, I came up with so many things, that I thought I should try to narrow it down...so here is a list of the things that make my heart skip a beat!

1.  My dear hubby - we've been married nearly 28 years (wow - has it really been that long) and I still love him dearly...he's my best friend.

2.  My dear sons-love it when they walk in the door - they have grown into such wonderful young men and we are so proud of them.

3.  I love the first snowfall, the first little flower in Spring, the warmth of the sun in Summer and the crisp smell of the leaves and the pumpkins of Fall.

4.  My breath is taken away by the beauty of a big old church, the craftsmanship and pride that went into creating such a grand place.
St Agnes Church - we visited in St Paul, MN last week

5.  I love the wonder of the garden....seeing things sprout to life out of a tiny seed.

I'll stop at 5 things, but did want to say that my awesome blogging buddies make my heart skip too!  They are the most kind and helpful people - Bless you all!


  1. Wendy, A most wonderful post on what makes your heart skip a beat!!!! thanks so much for humoring me and joining in!!!! OLM

  2. What a sweet post wendy This was such a neat giveaway I love it

  3. Very sweet post! I think most prim gals have lots that make them skip a beat!

  4. Great post, Wendy! It really makes me happy to see how many of my blogging friends have husbands who are best friends. Pretty cool in today's crazy world!

  5. Great post, Wendy!!! Love your "heart skipping things!" Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. You have many great reasons for your heart to skip a beat! Great post!!

  7. Love your post & your pics! Thanks for sharing !

  8. OLM sure had a wonderful idea. How blessed we all are. Just love your post friend!
    Hugs Trace


  9. Hi Wendy~

    Love your post. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Wendy I love the things that make your heart skip a beat! I think it's so cool that yall have been married about as long as Mike and I and that you too are mother to sons! They look like great kids! I had to enlarge the photo of the church. It is beeeautiful. I wish we could have seen that when we went to Minnesota the last time. I was born in Minneapolis. Have you ever heard of Medicine lake? We lived there til I was 5. We went back last summer so I could find the house and also the hospital I was born in! My Momma died 4 years ago and I just felt like I needed to go back there and find where my life all started? It was an emotional trip. Anyhow, ... back to your post, I really enjoyed the things you shared. It does help us get to know eachother more. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  11. Hi, Wendy
    wonderful post!!!! good luck on the giveaway!


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