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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Overdue Thank Yous and some Exciting News!

Hello dear blogging friends!

I have some overdue Thank Yous to send out.  The first is to Diane at Nellie's Nest.  I was one of three winners in her recent blog candy giveaway...and look at the adorable chick in a nest that she created!  She made the nest out of an old quilt and it is so cute...I just love it Diane!  Diane is so creative - I don't think I would have thought of using an old quilt but the results was awesome.  I have it sitting on the chest in my living room next to the Easter hydrangea that I bought recently.  Thanks Diane!

Late last week I won the giveaway that JoEllen over at BeFruitful Kreations had.  She created this adorable bunny watermelon pillow and I just received it yesterday afternoon.  It is so creative and cute and will make a great decoration now and during summer months.  I love it JoEllen and thank you so much.  I was amazed at how fast it traveled from your home to mine-just in time for Easter!

Now, I guess you are wondering about the exciting news I have to share......so I won't keep you wondering any longer...but want to provide a little background first.

When we moved to our present home 20 years ago, we had wanted to find an older home but there was not anything on the market at the time that we could afford...so we settled for a 70s raised ranch home near the elementary school...the location was great, the house had a nice yard and woods next to it and it was a great place to raise the kids.  As the boys have grown, our desire for a home in the country has not dwindled, but only increased...we want to be more self-sufficient...have more land for raising our own food, a place for chickens and room for the dog to run...and always...we have wanted a grand old home.  Well...this past Saturday, we went to look at a house about 1/2 north of here - and we both fell in love with it.  The home was built in 1830 and it has nearly 8 acres of land, a good barn, a potting shed, which will be my chicken coop, and a great size workshop for Mr Whimzie.   The view out the kitchen window is a view I have admired often from the road below, and it seems to be everything we have dreamed of....so last night we put the wheels in motion to place an offer on the house....please say some prayers that things go smoothly!  We are so excited we can hardly sleep...but at the same time it is scary and a little bittersweet.  This is the home where our two boys grew up...the home that we have lovingly redone top to bottom..it will be hard to leave, but there is hope that Drew will perhaps take over this house, so it may still be in the family, which would make it easier to leave.   HERE is a link to the Picture Trail I set up with pictures of the house and grounds.  Take a look!

My nephew is here again visiting on his Spring break, so I need to get back to entertaining him!  Have a wonderful day everyone.  God bless you all on this blessed Easter Week.


  1. Wow! The new house is just amazing! I hope you guys are able to get it. Have fun with your nephew!

  2. Oh Wendy! What a gem! Will pray! This so needs to be your house! Good luck ~*~Lisa

  3. Wow Wendy, what a beautiful house!! Loved those floors!! Lots of potential! Best of luck to you!


  4. Congrats on those cute items you rec'd in the mail.

    I sure hope you get that house, Wendy. It's certainly perfect in my eyes!


  5. Wendy I love old houses! Please post some photos when you can! Congratulations!

  6. Wendy,

    Nice goodies you received. The house looks lovely. I so miss living in the country...it so much more peaceful there. Hopefully one day we will build on our 6 acres and I'll be back where I want to be. Good luck on getting the house.


  7. How exciting I wish you all the best in this adventure. Blessings!

  8. I clicked on the link and it comes up like
    it is showing the pictures, but there
    aren't any. I was so wanting to see them.


  9. Oh how very exciting Wendy, I am so hoping for good news. I can't wait to see the pictures!!

  10. Wendy--I hope all goes well with this purchase. I can see why you're excited. What a privilege to own a house and property that has seen so much history! The stories it could tell! It's really a beautiful house and property. ~Roberta

  11. Congrates on all the giveaway winnings. Glad my little watermelon and rabbits pillow arrived so quickly. May God open the door to the home that you dream of. Keep us posted as we await to hear news.

  12. Oh my gosh Wendy, that house is so beautiful! The entry way with those floors and that banister and that front door! And the worn stairs and the barn and all it's treasures and the porch and the stream .... it is my dream house and I hope with all my heart you and your DH get it. What a perfect place on a perfect piece of property, I'm going to be holding my breath until I hear whether it will be your very own soon (I hope, I hope!). And lovely giveaway treasures as well, but oh that house! Deb

  13. I love your pretty things and went to visit Diane! Thanks for the links! ♥


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