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Friday, April 29, 2011

A jolly good Friday!

Hello my dear blogging friends!
Wow, where DID the week go?  Seems like it was just Easter and now *poof*, Friday already!
Things have been very busy in our household.  I've been working on a couple of orders I had.  I just finished my pinkeep for the Pinkeep Swap I am holding - a reminder ladies that they are due to be in the mail by May 15th.  Now I am working on the friendship swap I am i ...it is hosted by Tricia at Hillcrest Home Prims.  I'm also trying to get some new items made, but it seems I can't get a 'foot from shore' lately - there never seems to be enough time in a day!

In other news, yesterday our oldest son got an unexpected day off from work (he's a high school teacher), because of flooding....the river has since subsided, but they had some interesting traffic on the roadways yesterday....

This afternoon we head on over to our 'new' home to meet with our home inspector.  I wish it was going to be nicer out, but after heat, humidity and severe storms all week, today it has decided to be cool and sprinkling.   I may just grab a packet of pumpkin seed to push  into the ground in the garden area, in hopes that they will grow while we are waiting to close.  I just love pumpkins!  I'm already starting to develop some concrete ideas for decorating each room....the lady who owns it seems to have had a thing for the color gray -ugh, so I will have a lot of painting to do to bring more warmth to the rooms.  I'm looking at an old hoosier cabinet that someone is selling on Craiglist - it has been stripped but needs to be finished....what do you think of it? She is sending me some more pictures later today...she wants $300 for it...do you think that is a good price?  I would love to see it black...suggestions are appreciated.

I guess I should get back to my sewing room and finish up the Uncle Sam I've been working on, then I will cut out some new patterns and hopefully get some major work done this weekend.  Let's see how much I can accomplish by 1 when we have to be at the house.  Have a lovely weekend everyone! 


  1. I love pumpkins too, Wendy, but we can never get ours to grow (so I sew them!) The cabinet is GREAT! My first impression was black also. I hope you have a progressive weekend and also have fun planning for your new home! ~*~Lisa

  2. Good morning, Wendy.
    My goodness, you sure do have a lot going on these days. How exciting to be working on the plans for your new home. We're hoping to sell this summer and move too. :-) We're prepping the place. It's only six years old but it needs some paint and I want to spruce up the gardens for the yard to look at it's best.

    Gray, hmmm? Well, you'll have so much fun making this new place your own, I hope.

    I know what you mean about the rain. It's been wet and soggy here for two weeks. Today we've had some glimpses of blue skies, but not much more then that. We haven't had any boats moving down any streets, though. Wow...

    Hope you have a perfectly lovely weekend.


  3. Hi Wendy, You are the sweetest. I am glad that you and I are swapping!
    I am getting your box ready! I think you will love everything!
    That cabinet is FABULOUS! I LOVE it. You could put that in my friendship box if you wopuld like, LOL, LOL!
    I am so happy about your new home and excited for all of you!
    The picture of the flooding didn't look to good.Please stay safe! There was been such CRAZY and WILD weather around!
    Warm Hugs,

  4. Sounds like a busy life to me... excited for you and your new home! Can't wait to have a moved in tour.

    That cabinet is great and actually, the hardest part of stripping it is done. I'd probably pay an extra $100.00 for that, LOL...

    Blessings, Traci


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